BBC4 confirms The Bridge, Arne Dahl to return this autumn; Beck to air for the first time


nordicThere has been much activity up in Edinburgh at the annual TV festival during these past few days but even though the likes of Martin Freeman and Armando Iannucci were giving good seminar, I’ve had my eye on one man and one man only – BBC4 Contoller, Cassian Harrison. I’ve known for the past few weeks that he would announce the transmission date of series three of The Bridge in Edinburgh but was unable to say much about it. Until now. We’re in for a hell of a Scandinavian autumn. Continue reading

Review: Hannibal (S3 E12/13), Wednesday 26th August, Sky Living


HANNIBAL -- "The Number of the Beast is 666" Episode 312 -- Pictured: Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter -- (Photo by: Brooke Palmer/NBC)

Though Will Graham’s family have escaped death at the hands of the Red Dragon, the deranged killer is still a threat, all the more because he has become the pawn of an even greater force, Hannibal; Francis Dolarhyde has become Hannibal’s ‘agency in the world’. With Hannibal unwilling to reveal what he knows of Dolarhyde – was he in fact Hannibal’s patient? – Will has no choice but to turn to DuMaurier for some insight into Hannibal’s mind. DuMaurier is rather smug in her assertion that Hannibal won’t kill her, unless he can eat her – and he can’t do that from a cell. But we all know that he could escape any time he wanted to.

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Review: Witnesses (S1 E6/6), Wednesday 26th August, Channel 4



Within the blink of an eye, this excellent French series found itself at its conclusion – five episodes of fast-moving, multi-layered police procedural with two intriguing characters at its heart had left me breathless, and desperate to find out who was behind the murders of four men. There was lots to tie up and not a lot of time to do it in, but like the rest of the episodes before it this sixth episode didn’t pause for breath in revealing everything. In episode five we had already established that this was a three-layered crime story. On the top layer was Kaz Gorbier the psychopath who had been tormenting Paul Maisonneuve and trying to avenge Maisonneuve’s perceived role in breaking up his family; on the second was Laura, who had been digging up dead bodies and rearranging them in show homes in the Le Tréport area to send Maisonneuve a message; and the third unknown person, who had actually murdered the four exhumed men in the first place. What started off as a macabre set-up involving those carefully arranged cadavers in show homes quickly unpeeled layer upon layer until it made my head spin. We were introduced to another layer of the story at the end of the last episode: the digger-uppers had left Maisonneuve another clue – the press clipping that detailed the suicide of a young woman who the detective had admitted was his first love. So who was she? And how would this all end? Continue reading

Hans Rosenfeldt AMA highlights: Definitely no Martin Rohde, open to more series, new English-subtitle trailer



It really feels like the third series of The Bridge – Broen III – is around the corner, if only because the PR activity has really ramped up. We’ve had images, trailers and now, on Saturday, showrunner Hans Rosenfeldt took to Facebook to hold an AMA with fans of the show. As ever with these things there was some wheat and some chaff, but after the jump I’ve tried to select the best questions and answers.  Continue reading

Review: Agatha Christie’s Partners In Crime (S1 E5/6), Sunday 23rd August, BBC1


Programme Name: Partners In Crime - TX: 23/08/2015 - Episode: 5 (No. 5) - Picture Shows: Episode Five: ‘N or M?' Tommy Beresford (DAVID WALLIAMS), Tuppence Beresford (JESSICA RAINE) - (C) Endor Productions - Photographer: Laurence Cendrowicz

With nuclear scientist Worthing missing, “partners in crime” Tommy and Tuppence are investigating his boarding house which is stuffed with sinister characters. Tuppence has been caught by the smooth Major Khan, who forces her to admit that she’s a spy – what was her plan exactly if he was the Russian agent ‘N’? But he says he is also an intelligence agent, searching for N on a mission of revenge. Continue reading

The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 24th August – Sunday 30th August)



Blimey, when is there a quiet week in the world of crime drama? Judging by this summer, never. We’ve had a plethora of new stuff over the past few months – during a traditionally quiet time in TV land – and the fun is set to continue this week. There are three new series this week: a Ray Winstone-headed three-parter on ITV, a new series of the always-watchable Rizzoli & Isles, a brand new Netflilx series, and a new period crime drama that goes right back to the origins of the Pinkertons. Continue reading

Season 2 Of Happy Valley Adds Cast, Releases First Plot Lines


HappyValley-560x315For many, last year’s stand-out crime drama was Happy Valley – Sally Wainwright’s northern noir, featuring an award-winning performance by Sarah Lancashire in the lead role as Catherine Cawood. It was taught, grim and edge-of-your seat stuff as Cawood and her nemesis, the rapist/murderer Tommy Lee Royce (James Morton), slugged it out until a bitter, violent conclusion. We’ve known for a long time that a second series was in the offing and now we not only have some solid news to back that up, we’ve been told that cameras begin to roll next week. Continue reading