Review : The City & The City (S1 E3/4), Friday 20th April, BBC Two


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The City & The City hit some rough terrain last week after it’s initially smooth start, as the search for Mahalia’s killer moved to Ul Qoma and… well, very little happened. With Borlú’s time running out in the sister city, can he uncover the truth about Orciny and it’s role in what happened to Mahalia – and his wife?

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Five things about The Alienist – out today on Netflix


Starting today (Thursday 19th April), The Alienist – originally appearing on TNT in the US – makes its debut on Netflix. It’s a Victorian-era, 10-episode procedural series with a bit of difference – it not only has a strong serial killer/procedural element but it also looks at the nascent and developing world of criminal profiling and psychology. Continue reading

Icelandic crime series Manners most watched over Easter


News from Iceland – a relatively new player in the Nordic Noir scene. Thanks to Trapped (and also Case and Fangar), state broadcaster RÚV and new production companies the island has been producing some quality (crime) drama over the past few years. Reports reach us that a new mini-series called Manners (Mannasiðir) dominated over the Easter weekend, and scored high ratings. SO what’s it all about. Continue reading

Finnish series Bullets wins Coup de Coeur award in Cannes


The sun is out here in London, which means it’s almost TV festival season in more reliably sunny places across the globe. We always have a keen eye on what’s new and what’s winning awards, because you never know: these series could one day appear here in the UK. Out in Cannes, a Finnish series has been getting some award-winning notices. Continue reading

Hans Rosenfeldt: Saga should have died in series one


You don’t have to tell us, but series four of The Bridge has been a long time coming. Far too long a time coming. In fact, a ridiculous amount of time to wait. This fourth and final series of the crime drama heavyweight has been and gone on the mainland, so we are playing catch-up. But… here we go. During a launch at London’s BFI, the cast – including Sofia Helin and Thure Lindhardt, as well as writers Hans Rosenfeldt and Camilla Ahlgren – were in attendance for a Q&A after a screening of the first episode. And there was some really interesting nuggets from the evening. Continue reading

Review: Ordeal By Innocence (S1 E3/3), Sunday 15th April, BBC One


Sarah Phelps’ third Agatha Christie adaptation, Ordeal By Innocence, has been a sumptuous, delicious period treat with all those key Christie themes juggled expertly to keep us guessing. The big questions for us mere mortals were who killed Rachel Argyll and why, but for hardcore Christieites they would no doubt have had one eye on the ending – Phelps is known for changing things and giving these adaptations a different spin. Who knew what was going to happen? Continue reading

Review: Save Me (S1 E6/6), Wednesday 4th April, Sky Atlantic


Yes, I know. It has been two weeks since the final episode of Lennie James’ British redemption noir, Save Me, and I haven’t posted my review yet. Real life got in the way, unfortunately, but today – a Sunday – I’m finally sitting down to write a review of a show that has left me breathless and befuddled in equal measure. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a series that has conflicted me so much – there was so much brilliant stuff, and yet… In fact I’m still trying to process how this series made me feel and what I thought of it. Continue reading