CBS planning Magnum PI reboot


We’ve already had plenty of reboots of classic 1970 and 80s TV shows and films – Dukes Of Hazzard, Lethal WeaponHawaii Five-O et al – and each one has had fairly low levels of success, which begs the questions: why bother bringing back the old stuff and why not instead concentrate on new stories? One such 1980s show that is now due for a reboot is Tom Selleck’s Magnum PI, featuring the titular densely-moustachioed, Hawaii-dwelling private detective. Continue reading


Will Mindhunter II focus on the Atlanta child murders?


Like most good shows, Mindhunter’s reputation has been spreading like wildfire since its release date the week before last thanks to good reviews (see our’s here) and social media word-of-mouth. The serial killer drama, that took a slightly different approach to crime-solving, has already been commissioned for a second series by streaming site, Netflix, and speculation has already started as to what – or who – series two will focus on next. Continue reading

Review: Jordskott (S2 E1/8), Thursday 19th October, ITV Encore



So Jordskott’s back, then. Henrik Björn’s Nordic Noir with a supernatural twist was one of the most read-about shows on this site during its first run, which was surprising to me – even though it sometimes looked and felt like a Nordic Noir (you can discuss what makes a Nordic Noir, aside from the geographical settings, until the Svensk Fjällrasses come home) it did go into full bonkers territory – sometimes unintentionally laughable, dealing as it did with a woodland spirit kidnapping children, a not-so-subtle environmental back-story, characters like local police officer-cum-shady-organisation-worker Göran Wass and lady of the forest, Ylva, having parasites living inside them, black gunky liquid from the forest that gave its imbibers strange powers, and a telekinetic teen. It was all ridiculous and jolly good fun. So what does series two have in store? Continue reading

BBC confirms transmission date for final Inspector George Gently film


After 10 years and 23 episodes the BBC One drama Inspector George Gently say farewell with a final film: Gently And The New Age. Martin Shaw as the and Lee Ingleby are back one last final time as Gently and Bacchus, and I for one will be sorry to see it go – I know lots of people who find the series as dull as dishwater, but I’ve really enjoyed Gently and Baccus’s evolving relationship and the way it has examined Britain’s ever-changing socio-political landscape from the 1960s onwards. The BBC has now announced the transmission date for George’s last hurrah. Continue reading

Sara Blædel’s Louise Rick novels optioned by Canadian production company


We all know that anything from Scandinavia is well worth a watch, and the so-called Nordic Noirs just keep on coming (Case, Midnight Sun, Dicte, Mammon 2, Black Lake and more this year). We’ll be getting the final instalment of The Bridge early in 2018, and the look-out is on to see who will fill Saga Norén’s shoes. How about Danish author, Sara Blædel’s Louise Rick? Blædel (pictured) has written over half a dozen novels featuring her popular protagonist, and now we hear out of MIPCOM that she’ll be coming to a TV screen soon. Continue reading