Netflix debuts Winona Ryder Stranger Things featurette online


656winonaryderI know I’ve already posted something about Stranger Things today, but it’s being talked about and there are a lot of fans out there, so here’s another post. Netflix sent out an email telling journos about a new online featurette, focusing on Winona Ryder’s character Joyce Byers, mother of the missing boy in Hawkins Indiana in 1983. In this little film, Ryder (in her first ever TV role) describes what it was like to return to the 80’s – the era her career began – and portray a time where life was seemingly less complicated… until a boy vanishes into thin air. Take a watch after the jump. Continue reading

No Offence hires Deutschland 83 director for season two


no_offencePaul Abbott’s award-winning cop show, No Offence, is about to start filming its second series, and the show has hired a director who has gained critical acclaim for a show that has also appeared on Channel 4. The fifth episode of the seven-part series two is to be directed by Deutschland 83’s Samira Radsi – her first British drama project. Continue reading

Stranger Things second season likely to be ‘sequel’


strangerthings-1280jpg-19acd4_1280wHands up who are currently engrossed in Netflix’s latest must-watch series, Stranger Things? Yes, me too. I’m two episodes in and I’m enjoying it greatly. One of the reasons I’m enjoying is because, as a child of the 1980s, it feels like a pitch-perfect mash-up of everything I loved about mainstream movies back then, right down to the explicit references from the likes of ET, The Goonies, 80s-era Stephen King and John Carpenter, all the way to its fabulous artwork, titles and soundtrack. It’s the most talked-about show on TV at the moment (bar Channel 4’s naked dating show Naked Attraction, which is a crime for different reasons), and even though it has a big supernatural element, it is a crime drama – it comes complete with a weather-beaten, tormented cop, a missing child and a group of pesky, investigating children. And now we have news about series two. Continue reading

New Twin Peaks likely to be summer 2017 at the earliest


richard-beymer-twin-peaks-56-640x290Regular readers of this site will probably know by now that I’m excited by the return of Twin Peaks next year. It has had a rocky road to completion but with everything in place the only thing we’re waiting for now is information on when it’ll be played out, and in how many series it will be split up into. Over the weekend the Comic-Con in San Diego took place, where the great and the good of the movie, gaming and TV industry got together to show off their wares, and while David Lynch and other Twin Peaks acolytes weren’t in attendance, one of the stars was, and he let slip some crucial information.  Continue reading

Review: The Secret Agent (S1 E2/3), Sunday 24th July, BBC1

Programme Name: The Secret Agent - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. 2) - Picture Shows:  Chief Inspector Heat (Stephen Graham) - (C) World Productions LTD - Photographer: Des Willie

(C) World Productions LTD – Photographer: Des Willie

I woke up this morning after last night’s second episode of The Secret Agent to news of more shootings and suicide bombs, in Florida and Germany respectively. It’s a hard, awful world we’re living in at the moment, and The Secret Agent, although set a hundred years ago, has themes and arguments that are extremely topical. Joseph Conrad probably didn’t foresee a world where a novel he wrote would have huge relevance 109 years later. Continue reading