Trailer: True Detective (S1 E2/8)


true-detective-poster-16x9-1By now you’re probably understanding the here at The Killing Times we quite like True Detective. Quite like in the sense that we fuffing love it. If, like us, you watched the first episode and immediately wanted more of this deep, dark Deep South noir, then the wait is almost over – tomorrow night sees episode two over on Sky Atlantic and the investigation into the death of Dora Lang continues apace. Here’s a trailer… Continue reading


BBC Announces New Partnership With Agatha Christie Limited And Two New Adaptations


97l/29/huty/7633/12No sooner had we featured Miss Marple in our weekly #TBT (the Joan Hickson incarnation) yesterday (click here if you want to read), the BBC announced today some exciting news for all Christie fans – not only are there two new adaptations in the pipeline, but the network is claiming that it will be ‘the new home of Agatha Christie’. Continue reading

Trailer: DCI Banks (S3 E5/6)


DCI Banks … superior detective drama.We’re almost at the end of series three of DCI Banks, with a new two-part story starting on Monday (3rd March). Even though we didn’t much care for the two-part story that concluded this week, the final two episodes of the series are, on our opinion, much more like it. We’ll see DI Helen Morton involved in a raid-gone-wrong, and DS Cabbert leading an internal investigation into what went wrong. In the middle of it all? A frowning, doughty Alan. There’s a clip after the jump.

Once again the embed system hasn’t quite worked. If you want to see the trailer (it does exist, honestly!) you can go here.

DCI Banks (S3 E5/6): Monday 3rd March, 9pm, ITV

#TBT: Miss Marple


joan-hickson-4-sizedWe couldn’t resist. For this week’s Throw Back Thursday, we couldn’t resist revisiting one of the world’s most beloved sleuths. We also couldn’t resist posting this on the same day we uploaded a post about James Ellroy. This may be stating the bleedin’ obvious, but there couldn’t be more difference between the cosy amateur sleuth and some of Ellroy’s characters and the world they live in. Indeed, there’s a galaxy of difference between Agatha Christie and Jame Ellroy as people, so seeing them on the same page, almost side-by-side is kind of amusing. But we’ve talked about Ellroy already. Now it’s time to talk Marple, and one Marple in particular… Joan Hickson. Continue reading

First look at Reece Shearsmith and Sheridan Smith in The Widower


maxresdefaultITV’s new three-part drama, The Widower, starts soon and the channel has released a trailer that hints at the darkness ahead. It stars League Of Gentlemen and Psychoville’s Reece Shearsmith as mild-mannered nurse Malcolm Webster and how he, over a 13- year period set about poisoning and murdering his first wife (Sheridan Smith), attempted to do the same to his second wife and went on to concoct a further scheme to deceive his third fiancée. Sounds like a nice chap, then. The trailer is after the jump… Continue reading

James Ellroy rails against The Wire (among other things)


james-ellroy-cr-lisa-stafford-LST067507James Ellroy is one of my favourite writers. His dense, tense and terse prose often mixes his fictional characters with real-life characters from modern American history. His LA Quartet and Underground USA Trilogy are superb, modern takes on the hard-boiled theme and wracked with paranoia and fear. They’re hard work at times but there’s no doubting Ellroy’s skill and rampant, fizzing mind. So I’m a fan of Ellroy the writer. Ellroy the man? I’m not so sure. He confuses and confounds me. By all accounts, he doesn’t suffer fools gladly and has a habit of chopping down left-leaning, liberal thought as if he’s hacking his way through a jungle. And he’s at it again, but this time taking on one of the most revered crime dramas ever made. Continue reading

Trailer: Jonathan Creek (S5 E1/3)


jonathan-creek-series-5I have to say that we’re not huge fans of Jonathan Creek. We like the fact that it’s keeping the British tradition of mystery series alive and don’t have a problem with Alan Davies or, in this new series, Sarah Alexander. We just wish there was a bit more pizzazz and zip and sparkle. I think it often just plods along and loses us half way through. Still, what do we know? It’s one of the most popular shows on the box and plenty of people clamoured for its return. So here’s a trailer! Continue reading