More Ripper Street stars speak out over show’s axing


Ripper_street-e1348134359272The world threw up its arms and screamed, ‘WHAT IS THE POINT IN ALL THIS?’ when it was announced that Ripper Street was going to be cancelled. It did seem a bit odd – the Victorian-era show was once again enjoying solid ratings in the face of juggernaut I’m A Celebrity And Need A Career Boost, and was genuinely getting better and better. It was a bit of a shock when the news broke, but we had no idea that there would be such an outcry. But even six months on people are still talking about it; namely the people who have been put out of work because of the Beeb’s decision.

In this morning’s Metro, Irish actor Damien Molony, who’s currently in Channel 5’s Suspects, said he was sad that the show was axed and, “I think there were a lot of possibilities still open to the characters, including my own.”

Meanwhile, Keeley Hawes, who’s been on fine form in BBC2’s excellent Line Of Duty, says that her husband – Chief Inspector Reid himself, Matthew Macfadyen – said in a Radio Times piece“I think it was brilliant. To have a public reaction like they did was very gratifying. The production values on that show and the performances were incredible and I was sad it wasn’t recommissioned.”

Damien’s sad, Keeley’s sad, Matthew’s sad, everyone’s sad. It still makes no real sense, so we’re hoping that the rumours that the series makers, Tiger Aspect, were in talks with LoveFilm to bring it back are as straight and true as Reid’s sideburns.




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