The Fall Begins Filming Series 2 In Belfast


608One of the hits of last year – The Fall – was something a bit different in the crime drama genre (or at least something we haven’t done for a while). Instead of straight procedural whodunit, it was a tense, scary cat-and-mouse thriller. It won awards, it won critical acclaim and it did well in the ratings. We always knew it was on its way back, and the BBC said this morning that it had started filming for the second series.

The relationship between DS Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) and serial strangler Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) was an interesting one as the first series developed, and towards the end we were in that kind of ‘there’s not too much difference between us’ territory. Adversaries yes, but polar opposites? No. Both driven, but for very different reasons.

Of course, many were disappointed the game was unresolved at the end of that first series, as Spector drove off into the sunset. So what will happen this year? This is what the BBC says:

The story picks up immediately from where series one left off, with Gibson in pursuit of Spector. A personal link from Spector’s past opens up some clues for Gibson but provokes Spector in way that threatens to jeopardise the whole investigation. Gibson is forced to take ever greater risks but the closer she comes to capturing him, the more Spector trespasses into her private world, delighting in taunting and provoking her. As the net gradually tightens around him he becomes psychologically ever more dangerous and destructive.

Writer and creator Alan Cubitt says:

I’m incredibly pleased to be back in Belfast working with producer Julian Stevens and so many of the original crew who made series one of The Fall such a pleasure to work on. As writer/director I will be relying on them even more this time. I’m incredibly grateful to the BBC for allowing me this opportunity and the chance to continue my working partnership with Gub Neal of the Artists Studio.

All good stuff. Looks out for the second series later in the year.


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