Gillian Anderson hosts Reddit Session, Talks Hannibal and The Fall


Gillian-Anderson-The-Fall-570x379[1]Gillian Anderson has long enjoyed a huge following since her days from Chris Carter’s weirdo alien UFO conspiracy drama, The X-Files (can you IMAGINE if there was a functional internet in the mid-1990s?), and ever since then her every move has been heralded and trumpeted like that of a returning hero. And it’s no wonder – Anderson is not only a fine actress but also a very good choser of projects, and in recent years (well, the last two for sure) she’s been getting stuck into crime drama, thanks to appearances in BBC2’s The Fall and Sky Living’s Hannibal. yesterday, she hosted a Reddit session with fans to promote a new US show called Crisis, but there were questions asked about the aforementioned crime dramas too.

Anderson turns as DI Stella Gibson and Dr Bedelia Du Maurier (goodness) have re-established her as one of the most talked about and most feted actresses around. Reading through her Reddit session – where she’s called The Reigning Queen Of TV – she comes across as friendly and approachable without being too expansive, and we’ve picked out some of the quotes and answers to questions that are most relevant to us.

Question: Why did it take you a whole series to believe Fox Mulder, but only one season to believe Will Graham?! You’d never even met him and the first time you do you’re like “I BELIEVE YOU!” seriously though, was there any sense of irony when you had to deliver that line? Did you laugh about it on set?

Answer: The irony was not lost on me in that moment. Let’s just say that.

This provides a tantalising little titbit for the upcoming series two. Her character is Dr Hannibal Lector’s psychologist who makes sure her colleague is ok and fit for work. The fact that Lector spent the entire first series twisting the mind of gifted but vulnerable FBI profiler Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) , means that Graham is now in jail. Could Dr Du Maurier come to his assistance in series two?

Then there was this:

Question: How many more TV shows can you be starring in at once? I think there can never be too much Gillian Anderson on TV!

Answer: That’s very sweet of you, thank you

Which made us chuckle.

And then…

Question: Hey, Gillian! Simple question: Bryan Fuller tweeted a picture of your chair on the set of Hannibal. Can we expect to see you return this season?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: Please don’t die.

Comment: Or if you do, please at least have the good taste to be delicious.

 Again, this made us chuckle.

Question: My question is assuming your character is made into a gourmet meal by Hannibal what type of food would you want to be made into?

Answer: Something so rich that he’d choke on it and die.

Touche! And finally (because it goes on for ages)…

Question: HI GILLIAN! You are a fantastic Bedelia. We all swoon over you. Now, girl to girl here. For the sake of all the females who watch Hannibal: What does Mads smell like?

Answer: Tweed.

But there was one little question about The Fall, although Anderson remains tight-lipped.

Question: The Fall was one of the best things I saw on tv last year. What can you tell us about season 2?

Answer: For your own good: nothing.


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