Rumour: Kate Mara And Ellen Page For Series Two Of True Detective?

beautiful-kate-mara-close-up_wallpapers_34008_1920x1200It may be all over in the US, but over here we’ve just finished with episode five. Not surprisingly, the rumour mill has already started to wheeze into action ever since Nic Pizzolatto hinted that the second series of True Detective will have two, strong women at its heart (go here for that story). The first rumour we’ve seen that actually names names concerns two young, highly visible actresses who are hotter than lava at the moment, but there’s a problem – the rumour is so spurious it’s like adding two and two together and coming up with 77.

So this exchange between Ellen page and Kate ‘House Of Cards’ Mara (pictured) took place on Twitter last week:

This, of course, all means nothing. An innocent, playful Twitter chat that has been overblown and taken out of context. What it DOES do is permit the mental image of Mara and Page as tormented detectives in our minds and ruminate on whether they would work together. Yes, they would be cool and, yes, they probably would work well together. Mara seemed to stoke the flames of rumour ever so slightly by pointing out that HBO had favourited her tweet. But does this mean anything at all? The fact that a minion working the US cable company’s Twitter feed does not mean the company itself has sat up and taken notice.

To be honest when Pizzolatto said series two would feature two strong women, we were hoping for someone older, less glam and a bit more normal. Someone like a Sharon Gless, perhaps. Or Diane Lane, or a Laura Linney or a Frances McDormand perhaps. Even someone like a Sigourney Weaver. Now that would be a bit awesome.

Still, we’ll have to wait and see how this first series finishes, and then we’ll have to watch as the rumour mill really kicks into action.

For all our True Detective coverage, go here.

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