Has Jamie Dornan Revealed Location Of Series Two Of The Fall?

uktv-jamie-dornan-the-fall-1The Fall was one our favourite crime dramas last year. It was scary, disturbing, intriguing and featured two excellent performance from its leads, Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan. Dornan has been doing the press rounds in recent weeks to promote his new historical drama, New Worlds, on Channel 4 (which is a sequel of sorts to the brilliant Civil War drama The Devil’s Whore a few years back). During the whole interview circuit it wasn’t a surprise to us that people were asking about The Fall, and what might or might not happen in series two. This is what Dornan had to say…

We last saw Dornan’s character – serial strangler Paul Spector – drive off into the sunset as he had shared a tense exchange with his pursuer, Stella Gibson. With his identity out of the bag and Gibson so close to capturing him, some fans were disappointed when he evaded capture. What you can’t argue with is that the fact Spector got away means that we get to see the story continue into a second series, and we’re guessing the cat-and-mouse game between the two will heighten.

In recent interviews when asked about the second series of The Fall, both Dornan and Anderson have been tight-lipped. But The Daily Mirror reports that in an interview with the TV Times, Dornan said this:

“After his killing spree in Northern Ireland, Paul Sector is coming to get you, Scotland!”

Only a line, but an intriguing one. If he’s correct it looks like he’s made the short hop over the water and is now indulging in his impulses in Scotland. We’ll soon find out…


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