The contrasting fortunes of Shetland and The Bletchley Circle

THE_BLETCHLEY_CIRCLE_SERIES2_EP1_41This is my first post for a few weeks (took a break from the internet, innit?) but now, feeling a but more refreshed, it’s a good time to start digging back into the genre, because there has been some good things going on (Inspector De Luca: historically interesting, decent stories; Endeavour: solid; Law & Order: UK: up and down; Undeniable: below average; Mammon: decent). And it’s set to continue in the next few weeks, too, with the likes of Prey (stay tuned for more on that), Vera, Hinterland and Happy Valley all set to engage onscreen. Anyway, besides all the new stuff, there has been some news on two of our favourite recent crime dramas… and not all of it is good.

The Bletchley Circle seemed to tick all the boxes. It had an amateur sleuth base from which to work from (always popular), a ‘vintage’ setting (always popular), a connection to the war (always popular) and a terrific cast doing a terrific job. It had also been doing well overseas and on Twitter, where the hashtag #ladynerds trended heavily during episodes. Despite Anna Maxwell Martin leaving the show at the end of series two it seemed set up for a long run, so when we saw the news that it had been canned we were disappointed.

Digital Spy broke the story after seeing a tweet that Julie Graham retweeted:

Then the site got in touch with ITV and it confirmed the show’s demise. A real shame.

Mirror that with Shetland. After a hugely successful first full series, it has been recommissioned for a second full run (although both the BBC and its makers, ITV Studios, are calling it a third series).

Shetland is a really distinctive crime series that has proved hugely popular with audiences both here in Scotland and across the rest of the UK. I am thrilled it has been commissioned for a third outing, and rest assured we have some really exciting plans for viewers from DI Perez and his team,” said Christopher Aird, BBC head of drama production Scotland.

Just goes to show how strange the whole business is and any series – like the likes of The Hour and Ripper Street – is at risk even though it seems to be doing quite well.




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  1. marmidotte says:

    Yeah, great *heavy sarcasm*. Axe the good show with strong female characters, keep the one were women are… there is not even a word for it. And after that, some people still ask why we need feminism. *bangs head on wall*.


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