Nic Pizzolatto: Three new leads for season two of True Detective


55-11742-true_detective_matthew_mcconaughey-1389384700Every week there seems to be a new rumour connected to true Detective. Today’s a busy day for me so I won’t go through them all right now (suffice to say, you can go to our True Detective section here to get all the posts we’ve been, erm, posting). The article I’m about to quote from nails it when it says that True Detective is now the Star Wars of television. Thanks to its devoted following, ever cast rumour is now pored over by millions of internet readers. But this one seems to have some credence… Continue reading


Is Sally Wainwright’s Happy Valley A ‘Feminist Drama’?


happy-valleyFirst things first. The shocking and awful events in California at the weekend make the question in the headline even more sensitive. Why? Once again, the acts of a violent, deranged and angry young man have brought the subject of violence against women to the front of the global debate queue. These awful, shocking and brutal acts of violence were sickening, and we’re currently wringing our hands and (quite rightly) asking ourselves why this could have happened in our so-called civilised Western society. It’s this self-analysis that reveals a cross-over with the very genre I set up this blog to discuss. I saw an article in The Daily Mail (quelle surprise some may be tutting) that carried the headline: “Dehumanising and anti-women? No, Happy Valley is feminist TV, its creators insist after show features brutal kidnapping of mother by rapist.” So with everything swirling around my tiny mind – the Daily Mail article and the shootings in California – I gave myself a challenge: try to write about these three huge, sensitive and complex issues as best I could.

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Review: Quirke (S1 E1/3), Sunday 25th May



So let’s get this straight. This new three-part drama – adapted from the novels by John Banville (written as Benjamin Black) by Andrew Davies and Conor McPherson – stars Gabriel Byrne and Sir Michael Gambon. That means both in front and behind the camera there’s some serious talent. It has already aired in Ireland (on RTE One) and it has been sold around Europe. So everything – EVERYTHING – is suggesting this should be a roaring success.   Continue reading

Review: Wallander (S3 E2/6), Saturday 24th May


Screen shot 2014-05-25 at 20.30.32

In a story that could have been plucked out of the week’s news headlines (the US case of ‘Laura’, the latest in a series of all-too-frequent historic abductions), Kurt (Krister Henriksson) finds himself thrust into yet another investigation with stomach-churning resonances from his past. Continue reading

David Tennant returns for read-through for Broadchurch 2 – First Images


david_tennant_01David Tennant, with the same floppier hair he’s been rocking in Gracepoint (the US version of Broadchurch), is all smiles as he’s reunited with his Broadchurch chums for the first read-throughs for the second series. These first images from Chris Chibnall’s follow up to the über-hit crime drama set in a fictional Devon town don’t reveal too much. But it’s sure nice to see these fine actors back together again and with a big smile on their faces. Have a look after the jump! Continue reading

UK transmission date confirmed for Irish crime drama Amber


Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 17.08.45

First we had a Welsh crime drama, and in the past we’ve had lots of Scottish-based crime drama. We’ve also had crime drama from seemingly every region of the British Isles, too. And in recent months we’ve had a few gritty dramas from just over the water in Ireland – hello Love/Hate and Jack Taylor (coincidentally starring two Game Of Thrones alumni, Aidan Gillen and Iain Glen respectively). Now we have a new Irish drama, which has generated quite a bit of buzz in its native country and has been added to BBC Four’s growing stable of crime dramas. Which tells us one thing – it has already passed the quality control test. Continue reading