Trailer: Gotham


mckenzieThis is a crime drama blog. You know that, we know that. So why are we flagging up a trailer for a new series that tells the origins of a superhero? Batman, while not a huge favourite of this author, is essentially noir in style at least, and Gotham – US network Fox’s new drama series – explores the origins of Bruce Wayne and all his future enemies. But what’s intriguing is that one of the comic and film’s peripheral characters, Commissioner Jim Gordon, when he was a young, idealistic detective, policing the mean streets of Gotham. Continue reading


Interview: Karl Urban, Almost Human


esq-urban-xlg-41637616First things first: Almost Human is a heck of a lot of fun. In a genre where the slow-moving, beautifully shot, sparsely populated, Scandinavian-influenced crime drama is the thing at the moment, it’s always worth noting that there’s stuff out there that’s different. One of things is Watch’s Almost Human. Set in 2048, it tells the story of a grumpy, prejudiced human cop teamed with an android. Together they must fight future crime and accept each other’s differences. It’s basically an unashamedly buddy-cop drama, with elements of Minority Report and Blade Runner thrown in for good measure. And it gets better and better as the series goes on (although reports from the US today suggest that its home network, Fox, has been cancelled after one series). We were given an interview with its star, Karl Urban, so how could we not give it some air? Continue reading

Review: Hinterland (S1 E2/4), Monday 5th May



The second episode of this good-looking series started with an exquisite scene. Mathias and Mared were called to the farm of an old man called Idris Williams and as Mathias entered the homestead – all grey slate and dry-stone walls, matted hay on the paths, cow muck everywhere, disused, rusting cars submerged in the mud – we hardly heard a word uttered for the next 10 minutes as we followed his eyes as he surveyed the crime scene. It was wonderfully directed and edited, with significant objects that Mathias saw around the old, dusty house flashed up on screen so we were, in effect, seeing the same things he was. Continue reading