Yet more Broadchurch news: Charlotte Rampling joins cast

BroadchurchHoly seaside town, Batman. There has been A LOT of news swirling around Broadchurch over the past few days, both emanating from the British original and the US remake. We’ve had casting announcements and trailers galore during the past few days, and today we’ve had another casting announcement, which contains news of an excellent, award-winning actress.

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Trailer: Gracepoint


GRACEPOINTGracepoint. Broadchurch. With the US version of the British original airing on its US network Fox in the autumn, and the news yesterday that the second series of Broadchurch had been cast and would start filming pretty soon, it’s all getting a bit confusing. Gracepoint. Broadchurch. Gracechurch. Broadpoint. I could go on in brain-scrambling way until my head explodes. I have my Gracepoint hat on this morning because Fox – alongside its US network contemporaries – has been releasing details for its autumn shows and it has put out the first trailer for its new crime drama. Things we’ve noticed? David Tennant’s hair is different; David Tennant’s accent wavers a bit but it’s ok; It also look pretty much exactly the same in terms of how the action unfolds; The characters are different but the same. Like the US version of The Killing I’m asking myself why I would watch this when I saw and enjoyed the original. But then again I know I’ll be watching all the same. Until that moment, here’s the trailer… Continue reading

Series review: Prey, ITV


securedownload[1]I’ve been quite lucky with ITV’s Prey – the three-part thriller that finished last night. I’ve managed to talk to two of the series’ behind-the-camera protagonists and they were really interesting in what they had to say. Because of these connections, I wanted to like Prey right from the start. In the wrong hands it could have been a bit of a car crash, but I felt this was good stuff from a team behind and in front of the camera on top form. Continue reading