Fargo Creator Reveals Extent of Coen Brothers Involvement


FARGO YR 1There’s no doubt about it – Channel 4’s Fargo is one of the crime drama hits of the year. Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman are exemplary in this tale of temptation, crime and redemption in the snowy wastelands of Minnesota and North Dakota. While the story is all new, the parallels and subtle (and not so subtle) nods to the┬ábig-screen original permeate this small-screen version. One thing I’ve always wondered while enjoying our dose of farce mixed with murder, is just how involved original creators the Coen brothers actually were in the creative process. The tone and humour and the look is completely spot on to the original, I’ve often wondered whether the Coens were sneakily running the show. Not so, says TV series creator Noah Hawley…

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Twin Peaks Gets The Blu-Ray Boxset Treatment



A few months ago there was much frothing of mouth and spontaneous twitching of arms because the internet was awash with conjecture that to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the cultish of all cult shows, Twin Peaks, director and auteur David Lynch would be doing something. Something new. No one knew what it was, but it was going to be something. Perhaps a new series, the fans thought while picking hairs out from their scalps, one by one. Perhaps even a new movie they thought, as they began to grind┬átheir teeth down to into stumps. The thoughts were too tantalising and, like most rumours on the internet, it did indeed come to nothing. Nothing but something as it happens – there’s a huge Twin Peaks boxset on the way, which will be a significant addition to any fan’s collection, and what’s more there will be some new stuff on it. Continue reading