Twin Peaks Gets The Blu-Ray Boxset Treatment



A few months ago there was much frothing of mouth and spontaneous twitching of arms because the internet was awash with conjecture that to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the cultish of all cult shows, Twin Peaks, director and auteur David Lynch would be doing something. Something new. No one knew what it was, but it was going to be something. Perhaps a new series, the fans thought while picking hairs out from their scalps, one by one. Perhaps even a new movie they thought, as they began to grind their teeth down to into stumps. The thoughts were too tantalising and, like most rumours on the internet, it did indeed come to nothing. Nothing but something as it happens – there’s a huge Twin Peaks boxset on the way, which will be a significant addition to any fan’s collection, and what’s more there will be some new stuff on it.

Anyone who thinks that Twin Peaks is not a crime drama can jog on right away. In many ways it was the archetypal whodunnit crime drama. I’ll discuss this later in the week, but just look at it from afar, away from the strange characters, their even stranger mannerisms and the dream sequences. Strip it all down and Twin Peaks was about the search for the murderer of a young woman, in a town with an enormous cast of suspects. Some of which actually lived on this plane of consciousness.

But we digress. This is what Entertainment Weekly had to say about it all:

There’s a new Twin Peaks box set coming out July 29, and it includes nearly 90 minutes of never-before-seen deleted and alternate scenes from the prequel film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.

This is the footage that fans created a Facebook petition for back in 2011, and now they’ll get their wish, thanks to a box set that was personally supervised by Twin Peaks mastermind David Lynch.

And then Lynch himself issued a statement:

During the last days in the life of Laura Palmer many things happened, which have never been seen before. They’re here now alongside the new transfer of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me and Twin Peaks, the television series.

So let’s recap just slightly – 90 MINUTES OF UNSEEN FOOTAGE?!! No wonder the fans are going bonkers. If you needed it, here’s a little refresher:

There’s no news on price so far (although we suspect it won’t be cheap)

There’s a tumblr account dedicated to stoke up publicity and a rabid longing within fans the release (have a look right here).


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