ITV ‘rests’ Law & Order: UK in wake of Bradley Walsh departure


125595.281x308News reports circulating from ITV this afternoon reveal that not only has the channel decided to ‘rest’ Law & Order: UK, but Bradley Walsh has left the series altogether. While the news is initially a surprise it’s not THAT much of a surprise to me when you look at the declining quality of the storylines. One thing that has stayed constant, though, has been Walsh’s portrayal of DCI Ronnie Brooks, the UK’s version of Columbo.

The series, reports Digital Spy, will go on hiatus after the delayed series eight finale finally airs next Wednesday (11th June, 9pm, ITV). That particular episode was delayed thanks to its similarities to a real-life stabbing case.

Things have picked up this year and the show has almost reached some of the heights of the first four series, but it has begun to feel tired. Perhaps Walsh thought that too. It’s a shame though, because Walsh has been a revelation as Ronnie Brooks. The softly-spoken, hangdog, Mac-wearing, old-school copper became one of my favourite crime drama characters.

“Ronnie Brooks is one of my best friends,” he was quoted as saying. “It’s been an absolute pleasure to inhabit Ronnie’s Mac for as long as I have. Eight series is a wonderful achievement for everyone involved in the production. This has been one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make. I hope one day to revisit him, but for now I’d like the opportunity to pursue other drama projects which ITV are developing.”

ITV, meanwhile, says: “There may well come a time when we revisit Law & Order: UKFor the moment we’ll be resting the series whilst we continue to refresh our drama slate.”




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