New Gotham Trailer And Joker News

GothamBenjaminMcKenzieasCommissionerGordonLSFOX_article_story_largeYes, yes, I know we’ve been a bit quiet this past week (blame the World Cup and the day job), but I’m eager to get back into it. Thankfully there are a few bits and pieces floating around during, what is, the calm before the autumn storm, and the first item I want to bring to your attention are things related to Gotham. The Batman prequel is set to hit US screens in the autumn (we’re expecting this to be snapped up pretty quickly by a British broadcaster quickly) and we have some news to report: a new trailer and some interesting Joker news.

“I’ve come back because I care what’s happening to it. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who cares. This town is at a tipping point – crime, corruption ooze from every corner.”

That was Jim Gordon (Benjamin McKenzie), at this point in the Batman timeline a novice cop patrolling the Gotham streets. In fact pretty much everyone is a younger versions of the characters we’ve come to know. Everyone from Bruce Wayne and Catwoman, to The Joker, are in their infant years.

Which brings us neatly to this report on the excellent iO9 site. Everything we’ve seen from the show’s promo material – from posters to trailers – has yet to reveal The Joker, and it reports that the show will tease out the identity of perhaps the franchise’s best-known villain in every episode.

Each new episode will introduce a character that could (or could not) be the Joker. And of course each character will play with the clown, gag, or smiling iconography that we that we all relate with this Batman big bad. But only one is the real deal.

OK, so now we want this to start!


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