Gotham watch: Harvey Dent and Hugo Strange expected in first season



I’ve started to follow the gestation of Batman-prequel fairly closely, even though, whisper it, I’m a bit ambivalent to the super anti-hero. My interest in the prequel series – broadcasting on US network Fox in the autumn – stems from the fact that a) it’ll be one of the most talked-about series of the new season, and b) it follows the adventures of a nascent Jim Gordon, who’s patrolling the streets. New is being drip-drip-drip fed in typical PR fashion, and now we have a new morsel to chew over.

Showrunner Bruno Heller told the IGN website that Professor Hugo Strange – a real star in the franchise’s video game arm – is appear in the first series. At some point.

Hugo Strange is going to pop up because we’re going to start dealing with how Arkham was created and why Arkham was created in the way that it was so, yeah, absolutely. It’s a Season One thing because in our telling of it the way Arkham was created and the why and how is one of the causes of the particular criminal climate in Gotham that allowed Batman to happen. The revolving door of Arkham is both a brilliant narrative device because it allows you to – you don’t have to kill people off, you can just put them in cold storage – but if you’re telling the story from the start you kind of have to explain, ‘What the f***? Why don’t you make that place a place people don’t escape from?’ We’re going to explain why it is the way it is and Hugo Strange is a big part of that.

Heller also spoke about Harvey Dent, that warped DA, a favourite of the comics and films.

We’re playing Harvey Dent slightly older. He’s more Gordon’s age in this telling. One of the things to avoid in order not to tell a high school story — which would be great, but it”s a different show on a different network at a different time that I would not be a part of. But he will go back to school and villains will be part of that world.

More news when we get it.




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