Hannibal to split its third season; plans introduction of more characters from the books


Hannibal4[1]One of our favourite shows, the horrifyingly dark Hannibal, has been holding court at ComicCon in San Diego, which is now more about TV and movies as it is about comics. The Hannibal Lecter prequel series, which has enjoyed two terrific if flawed runs will be back for a third series, but showrunner Bryan Fuller has admitted that season three will be split into two (so, erm, season three and then season four?).

As per the Deadline report, Fuller says:

We are on track with the original plan with the one exception of condensing what was to have been Season three and Season four all into one season now.

So, the first half of the season will have its finale that reaches a climax and wraps up that story in a great way, and then we start a new story, and then that will have its own climax at the end of the season. Two separate stories that’ll have two finales and so you get two seasons for the price of one.

Fuller also disclosed – in a panel chaired by Jonathan Ross – that his team are planning to introduce more characters from Thomas Harris’s books.

There’s a run of episodes where we have quite a few cool characters coming from the literature. So, in the second episode, we introduce Commander Pazzi, who was played by Giancarlo Giannini in the Ridley Scott film, in episode three, we introduce Lady Murasaki and in episode four, we introduce Cordell. There’s going to be a lot of fun Easter eggs for those who are big fans of the books, knowing that those characters are going to be leaping from the page onto their television screen.

So much to look forward to, and with the news that season three will pick up a year after season two finished – and the manhunt for Hannibal – we can’t wait.


One thought on “Hannibal to split its third season; plans introduction of more characters from the books

  1. I have found this show compelling. I can see why some might not have taken to it but I just can’t get enough. The writing, set design and costumes are beautiful, and the performances from all the cast are top notch. I can’t wait for the next series.


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