Repeats of Twin Peaks to air on Syfy from September

tumblr_n9sw7k12381qzkbwpo4_250If you’re going to have a conversation about the best crime drama of all time, Twin Peaks has to be a part of it. Many will dismiss David Lynch’s cryptic, surreal and amorphous opus as self-indulgent nonsense, but beneath all the layers and the wilful strangeness and the diversions (of which there were many), at its heart it was the story of an investigation into a young woman’s murder. Anything with symbols and/or riddles seems to pick up a core cult audience (see True Detective), and Twin Peaks had many, some relevant, some not, but the show bust out of that cultdom and took the world by storm. And now it’s back. Sort of.

From September (the 1st) Syfy is broadcasting the show from the very beginning every weeknight.

If you haven’t seen it yet, it stars Kyle McLachlan as Agent Dale Cooper, who’s called to the small Washington town of Twin Peaks to investigate the murder of high school student, Laura Palmer.

What follows is no ordinary investigation, and the man conducting it soon reveals himself to be no ordinary investigator. Teaming up with the local sheriff (Michael Ontkean), Cooper sets out, in idiosyncratic fashion, to determine the truth about who killed Laura Palmer – and why. The eerie, woodland surrounds of Twin Peaks harbour not only a killer, but also a huge cast of strange, eccentric characters and Cooper often has to journey into different consciousnesses to get his man (or woman).


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