Filming starts on series eight of Inspector George Gently


Inspector George GentlyI know I’m in the minority, but it’s great news (to me at least) that Peter Flannery’s Inspector George Gently is starting to film its eighth series. I like the dourness of it, I like the dynamic between Gently and Bacchus (Lee Ingleby) and I like the way it incorporates the changing social and cultural landscape of the 1960s into its storylines. For some this meshing together of social change and bleak, battered industrial vistas of northeast England is just too much drudgery, but I find the period and the way Britain was changing at the time a fascinating backdrop to what is a decent procedural. Here are all the details… Continue reading


Trailer: Wayward Pines, FOX


Wayward-Pines-1-779x400The current re-emergence of Twin Peaks into our consciousness highlights the fact that David Lynch’s surreal, scary procedural was as influential as they come. And while a few series have benefitted from Twin Peaks’ trailblazing, a new series – from M. Night Shyamalan – seems to get as wilfully close to Lynch’s masterpiece as possible. Continue reading

Review: New Tricks (S11 E3/10), Monday 1st September


Screen shot 2014-09-02 at 09.38.43Ironically, although the trendy BBC overlords would dearly love to drive a stake though the heart of this hoary old ratings titan, New Tricks sometimes trumps their contention that it is deeply unsexy TV by ingratiating itself with a plotline that’s bang up to date. And this week’s episode of the warhorse of police procedurals also snaffled what will be the best line uttered in any TV show this week, nay, the whole month. Continue reading