Review: New Tricks (S11 E4/10), Monday 9th September, BBC1


p025nm8zNew Tricks. What do those two words conjure up in your brain when you read them? For many – over six million people – they represent a quality hour’s entertainment with an endearingly cantankerous group of retired coppers. To others New Tricks is one show to avoid – an average at best, by-the-numbers crime drama with stilted dialogue, unlikable characters and plots that don’t grab any sort of imagination. I have respect for the show and the actors and writers involved – hats off to any show that lasts 11 series and still regularly pulls in the kind of numbers it does – but I do tend to errĀ on the side of the latter reaction. But last night’s episode had me gripped. Or as gripped as New Tricks can grip me. Continue reading


Interview: Lesley Sharp, Scott & Bailey


D0E297617A344DB537F7A51CA88D2It’s only a day before the start of series four of Scott & Bailey. Yesterday we put up a chat with Suranne Jones, and today it’s the turn of her onscreen partner Lesley Sharp, who plays Janet Scott. Series four threatens to drive a wedge between the two women, so let’s see what Lesley has to say about it… Continue reading