Endeavour renewed for third series by ITV

article-2307527-193D0AB8000005DC-359_634x440Today has been a busy old day, and the news that ITV has renewed Endeavour for a third series means it just gets busier. As a prequel to the much-revered Inspector Morse, Endeavour debuted in 2012 with a feature length story to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Morse. Shaun Evans played the young Morse, and the film became ITV’s highest performing new drama of the year. Now there will be more…

The new third series of Endeavour will be set in 1967, picking up from the second series finale that saw Endeavour Morse placed in police custody, framed for a murder he didn’t commit, and DI Fred Thursday’s life hanging in the balance after being shot in the chest.
ITV says this:
Whether Thursday will survive – and what impact the fall-out from this will have upon Morse and his colleagues –  remains to be seen. All the pieces are up in the air. Where they will land is anybody’s guess…
The only certainty is that Shaun Evans will return to film the new series in Oxford, once again donning the shabby raincoat and inhabiting the down-at-heel digs of young Detective Constable E. Morse.
Executive producer, Russell Lewis, says:
“Endeavour ’67… Pepper – Piper – Purple Haze… As ‘Oxford’s finest’ encounter friends and foes both old and new, our next quartet of mysteries will take the audience on a psychedelic Summer of Love fairground ride, filled with twists and turns, shrieks and scares. For something wicked this way comes…”
Look out for it next year.



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  1. I adore Roget Allam. He’s one of the greatest actors of our age – I shall really miss him if Fred is dead.


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