Twin Peaks to return for nine new episodes in 2016



Something’s been stirring in the pines for a few months now. A while back, fans of David Lynch’s scary, much-loved procedural-with-a difference, Twin Peaks, were getting in a tizz because there were all sorts of rumours that some new material was going to be forthcoming. At every turn Lynch did his best to dispel the rumours, and a Blu-ray release to mark the show’s 25th anniversary with 90 minutes of deleted scenes was all the chatter amounted to. But wait. In a frenetic few internet-fuelled hours, there is now something to announce. And it’s a very big, new slice of cherry pie and just about the largest cup of damned fine coffee you can possibly imagine.

Earlier this week, Lynch appeared at the Lucca Film Festival in Italy. After he collected a lifetime achievement award, he was asked about the likelihood of a return to Twin Peaks. After all, Laura Palmer told Agent Dale Cooper that she would see him in 25 years.

“I’ve always said I love a continuing story, to love a world and be able to go deeper and deeper into that world,” he said. “So there’s always a possibility, and you just have to wait and see.”

Then three days ago, Lynch tweeted this:

And then, as the internet went into overfroth, both Lynch and Showtime (the US cable network), confirmed the story everyone hoped existed under the subterfuge.

And we have some meat on those fine bones, too. TV Line’s Michael Ausiello (story here) says:

I’m told this would not be a reboot but a present-day continuation — in the same vein as TNT’s Dallas. Also, sources confirm that Lynch and Frost are poised to pen all nine episodes, with Lynch directing every instalment.

What’s more, there are NINE new episodes to look forward to. You might as well pack up everything and go home early. If you’re anything like me, you’re about to combust with excitement.

Especially once you’ve seen this:


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