Whodunit? The key suspects in The Missing

p02949t8I’ve had my issues with The Missing (I’ll detail them more when I review the final episode) but there’s no denying that writers Harry and Jack Williams have done a good job of revealing just enough in each episode to keep us interested, and keeping enough concealed to make tonight’s finale (Tuesday 16th December) a must watch. We’re still none the wiser as to who abducted Oliver Hughes (and his fate), but there is a list of suspects. Have a look at them after the jump.

Tony Hughes
Oliver’s father has dedicated himself to finding out what happened to his son ever since his disappearance eight years ago, putting his relationship with his wife at risk. We’ve seen Tony’s anger explode into violence on numerous occasions (not least with Ian Garrett), which has alerted Julien and his team, but the diversion in last week’s penultimate episode (where a similar case concluded with the revelation that a missing son’s father had staged the whole thing in order to attract attention to paternity rights) raised the question again: despite his off-road investigations, could Tony Hughes have snatched his own son?
Suspect plausibility: ****

Julien Baptiste
The good guy of the whole piece, an inscrutable but softly spoken detective who was brought back out of retirement by Tony to help with a case that he didn’t solve the first time around. Throughout the series he’s been built up as the guy you root for, the guy you’d want to sit in a bar and have a drink with, but could this be a red herring? He’s been at the heart of the investigation from the start, after all.
Suspect plausibility: **

Mark Walsh
The police liaison officer assigned to help Tony and Emily through the fraught early stages of the investigation, there’s something over-earnest and almost too perfect about Mark. He soon got together with Emily after she and Tony became estranged, but there’s a nagging feeling that all is not what it seems with this man. After all, Mark and his son were holidaying in Chalon Du Bois at the time of Oliver’s disappearance.
Suspect plausibility: ****

George Deloix
Refusing to assist Julien’s investigation, this high-ranking member of the local government looks and smells like a corrupt, rotten egg from every angle. Could his refusal to help Julien mean that he’s covering up a darker plot?
Suspect plausibility: ****

Alain Deloix
This theory is gaining traction all the time. At the end of last week’s episode, Mark brought back to Chalon the missing evidence he had retrieved from Malik Suri. It was a coin, the same sort of coin Alain’s wife – hotelier Sylvie – gave to Tony to mark her sobriety. Could Alain and Sylvie have used their hotel as an hiding place for kidnapped children and a hub for the criminal gang to plan and carry out their trafficking business (The Guardian have even made the connection between last week’s outro music – John Cale’s ‘Heartbreak Hotel)’. Alain has been lurking in the background for the whole series, his the only character that hasn’t been touched on.
Suspect plausibility: *****

Vincent Bourg
Paedophile Vincent has had a largely sympathetic portrayal since it was revealed he had been in cahoots with Ian Garrett. We’ve seen him struggle – both mentally and physically – with the effects of hormone therapy and his integration back into society. But, he was the first suspect and sometimes the first suspect is the most plausible.
Suspect plausibility: ***

There are rumours of a second series of The Missing, so it’s entirely plausible that we might not get ANY answers tonight. Let’s hope there’s some sort of resolution.

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Andrew Byrne says:

    If we don’t get resolution in the finale I will not be watching any possible second series.
    I reckon the hotelier is very suspect but that could just be a red herring.
    I’ll be happy as long as it doesn’t end like Amber did…… #worstendingever!


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