Review: The Mentalist, S7 E1/13, Thursday 12th February, Channel 5



The Mentalist reaches its final season with a new dynamic and some new faces. But will Patrick Jane find happiness with Teresa Lisbon, or will the tension of their FBI roles force them apart? It’s been a long journey for The Mentalist, from a quirky comedy thriller to a darker, more psychological drama. Never particularly original in its nature, it got by on the irresistible charms of Simon Baker, the solid performance of the supporting cast and the catchy music by Blake Neely. If you’ve stayed the course for the six previous seasons, you’ll be approaching the final one with mixed emotions. For those new to The Mentalist, here’s a potted history… Continue reading


Review: Death In Paradise (S4 E6/8), Thursday 12th February, BBC1



With recently elevated DS Florence proving herself every bit as able in support as her predecessor, Humphrey can be confident that his bumbling won’t undermine the smooth running of the St Marie police. But will new boy JP bring anything fresh to the team? Continue reading