First Look: Arthur & George, ITV



Last week I went to ITV to watch a screening of Arthur & George – the network’s three-part adaptation of Julian Barnes’s best-selling novel. I haven’t read the book, but I was aware of the premise – in the wake of his wife’s death, Sherlock creator Arthur Conan Doyle takes on a case of his own, that of a young Indian/British man who’s out to clear his name after he was, he contends, wrongfully imprisoned for a spate of horse slayings in an Edwardian-era Black Country village. With obvious Sherlock connections, it’s sure to be a primetime hit. But what was it like? Continue reading


Review: Elementary (S3 E9/24), Tues 17th Feb, Sky Living


The_Eternity_InjectionRight, we back on track and safely aligned to the correct transmission dates and the like. And with this week’s episode we have to ask ourselves: Are drugs bad for you? Well, they certainly are in this case, one in which Sherlock tackles a talking car alarm and the deadly threat of boredom. Sherlock has been trying to avoid going to sobriety meetings; he explains to Watson that it’s the sheer monotony of their repetitive nature that drives him away. He’s afraid that using drugs again will merely be a response to boredom. He’s happy when he has a problem to solve, but the question of sobriety requires constant attention for very little reward, like a leaking tap. Continue reading

Review: Elementary (S3 E8/24), Tues 10th Feb, Sky Living


Elementary - Episode 3.08 - End of Watch - Promotional PhotosWe’re back with Elementary after a short break for Christmas (and New Year, and January) and we join the action as Sherlock’s sobriety is challenged when a fellow addict starts posting his thoughts on a website called BrainAttic, so he’s distracted from the killing of a policeman whose gun turned out to be a toy. NB. This is last week’s episode, and late going up because the editor’s been on a break Continue reading