Season three of Endeavour begins production



Series three of the Inspector Morse prequel, Endeavour, has gone into production. The ITV series, with four episodes in this new series, will is written by Lewis and Endeavour creator and Inspector Morse writer, Russell Lewis. Colin Dexter, whose first Morse story was published in 1975, continues his association with the drama, acting as a consultant to Endeavour producers Mammoth Screen. Continue reading


Review: Fortitude (S1 E9/11), Thursday 26th March, Sky Atlantic



Last week I wrote that the eighth episode of Fortitude felt like the deep breath before the plunge into the mayhem of dénouement. Things bubbled and simmered, things held firm, scenes were longer, more considered. It was a classic tactic in a series of this length, where you can afford to have an episode that takes stock and prepares for the final run-in. And I was right (not often, I know), because this ninth episode had EVERYTHING going on, including some stunning twists and plenty of revelations. Continue reading

Review: The Mentalist (S7 E7/13), Thursday 26th March, Channel 5


The-Mentalist-7.07-630x421We’ve heard plenty about Patrick Jane’s upbringing among carnie folk, and we know about the tragic loss of his family, but we don’t know much about Teresa Lisbon’s family, except that it includes several rowdy brothers. All that changes in this episode, in which Jane is introduced to the Lisbons as prospective husband material, and it’s hard to judge who’s the more uncomfortable. Continue reading

Review: DCI Banks (S4 E4/6), Wednesday March 26th, ITV



The death of a female lawyer and a mystery man known as Steven Cadley looks like revenge against an informant; but we suspect that the real motive might have been tangled family relationships. Certainly, Banks is having trouble with own estranged father, and DI Morton with her entire family, so it would fit the theme. But the contract killer is on the loose, and apparently menacing a witness, so can he and his family be protected? Continue reading

Ronald Reagan To Appear In Season Two Of Fargo, Played By Bruce Campbell


130925_BruceCampbell_002We’re keeping a close eye on Fargo, as its second series progresses, especially as it one of our favourite shows from last year. We’ve learned a few things from the Noah Hawley-created TV version of the Coen brothers’ cinematic gem. The first series starred Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Freeman and Allison Tolman – all excellently – and already we know that series two will star Patrick Wilson, Kirsten Dunst and Ted Danson. And, as a report released today detail, it’ll also feature Ronald Reagan. Say what?! Continue reading

Review: Elementary (S3 E14/24), Tuesday 24th March, Sky Living


960After the resolution of the Kitty storyline, which ended with Joan looking as if she would resume her position as Sherlock’s protégé, we could have hoped the poor woman would settle into a happy lifestyle. But no, her on-off boyfriend Andrew – about to be definitely off if Joan went through with her intention to dump him – has in fact been permanently offed, poisoned in a hipster coffee-bar, and not just by an ill-prepared moccachino. Continue reading

The Bridge’s Saga Norén and her two stunt doubles



As our post from a few weeks ago, The Bridge III is fully under way and unit photography suggests an interesting, albeit Martin Rohde-less, storyline. I haven’t got too much to say about this, except it’s always fun to see Saga in action and here’s three of them – Sofia Helin and her two stunt doubles. The Bridge’s official facebook page has also detailed a press day, which often means that filming is entering its final stages. Could we see the series in Denmark and Sweden by the end of the year? And if we do, could we see it in the UK this winter? Here’s hoping…

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