Sky renews Fortitude for second season



TV channels certainly do pick their moments. The past few years have seen high-profile crime dramas that end on a cliffhanger announce on the day – or the day before or immediately after – that they will be returning for another series. Some rejoice at this knowledge; some scratch their heads. Has the story runs its course? Will it jump the shark? In the case of Fortitude, which ends tonight (Thursday 9th April), Sky has chosen to drop its announcement that it will be back for a second series right in the middle of the maelström of anticipation. 

So Sky says that Fortitude – which has been mostly excellent – will be back for another run. How do I feel about this? Ask me after the finale, because the trailer at the end of the penultimate episode seemed to suggest that there will be death, explosions and general gnashing of teeth.

A part of me thinks it’s a shame that the series can’t exist in a hermetically sealed whole, for all the loose ends to be tied up and for us never to return to the place of the damned again.

But it’s been doing very well, as Sky, quite naturally, is shouting about:

In the UK the first episode was watched by a cumulative audience of 2.66m and the series so far averages 1.69m, making Fortitude Sky Atlantic’s most successful original commission. Fortitude is the most successful original drama series launch to date in Sky homes, and attracted new viewers to the channel, with over 50% of the audience coming to Sky Atlantic for the first time to watch Fortitude.

So with all those facts and figures added into the mix it’s really no surprise that it has been renewed.

Another very happy camper is creator and writer Simon Donald:

It’s a privilege to return to Fortitude. It’s a place where the real and the feared live side by side, where old dark secrets thaw out into the chill light of the arctic day. I’d never been anywhere like Fortitude before and I can’t wait to go back.

But as I mentioned earlier, let’s see what happened in the finale before we decide on whether a second series of Fortitude is a good idea or not.

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