ITV renews Lewis and Prey for new seasons



ITV has been bashing out the crime dramas like no one’s business during the past few years. With Vera currently airing, and the recent successes of Broadchurch and Code Of A Killer, as well as Safe House starting tomorrow night, the production line continues with the announcement that two crime dramas have been recommissioned, both at the opposite ends of their life. Lewis is to return for a ninth series, while Prey is back for a second.

Kevin Whately and Laurence Fox reprise their roles as the detectives renowned for investigating Oxford’s most complex murders, alongside Angela Griffin as Detective Sergeant Lizzie Maddox.

The arrival of a new Chief Superintendent heralds a fresh dawn for Oxfordshire Police, although the high flyer soon clashes with Robbie Lewis (Kevin Whately) over the latter’s more traditional approach to detective work. With forensic pathologist Laura Hobson (Clare Holman) contemplating early retirement, and the new boss piling on the pressure, will Lewis finally decide to call time on his policing career?

Meanwhile, after years of avoiding the thorny issue of family ties, Hathaway (Laurence Fox) is forced to confront his past.

Elsewhere, ITV has also given a second series to Prey, the Chris Lunt-written thriller that was so effective last year (indeed, it made our end-of-year polls. Read that here).

The new story will also star Philip Glenister who takes the role of Prison Officer David Murdoch.  His life becomes complicated when on a routine visit to a Manchester hospital with female prisoner Jules Hope events spiral out of control.  David takes a phone call, which will change his life forever and suddenly sees him on the wrong side of the law. 

With the life of his heavily pregnant daughter, Emma, threatened, David has no alternative but to go ‘on the run’ and inadvertently becomes ‘the prey.’

Unaware of the danger to Emma, DS Susan Reinhardt the no-nonsense, hard-working cop whose personal happiness seems forever blighted tries to unravel why David is suddenly behaving totally out of character. With his reputation as a prison officer intact, Reinhardt attempts to unravel why he makes every effort to strenuously dodge the Police.

Both new series will go into production next month.


In some amazing chase sequences, Reinhardt and her police colleagues go in pursuit as in desperation David handcuffs himself to Jules.  She is his only bargaining tool as he sets out to move ‘heaven and earth’ to find his beloved daughter. 

The new series of Lewis will go into production in May 2015 and once again feature the beautiful locations in and around the city of Oxford.


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