Review: Elementary (S3 E23/24), Tuesday 26th May, Sky Living



Someone on the Elementary writing team sure likes bees. From a single mention in the Conan Doyle canon of the retired Holmes taking up bee-keeping, Elementary’s Sherlock has developed an obsession with the pollinating pests that borders on the obsessive. So, we’re long overdue for this apicultural episode, in which colony collapse turns to murder.    Continue reading


Review: Gotham (S1 E22/22), Monday 25th May, Channel 5



Last we saw, Barbara Keane had been saved from serial killer The Ogre, but probably lost her marbles in the process; Penguin had kicked off a gang war between Maroni and Falcone, with his own elevation in mind; Ed Nygma had gone seriously tonto, and Fish Mooney, escaped from Dr Dulmacher’s island, was nowhere to be seen. If that doesn’t add up to an explosive season finale, we don’t know what will.   Continue reading

Review: No Offence (S1 E3/8), Tuesday 19th May, Channel 4


Ep 3

It’s not often a wedding cake is decorated with a swastika, but then it’s not often the bridegroom is nicked on suspicion of a murderous racist arson attack at his wedding reception. DI Deering doesn’t hesitate to take a bite out of the fascist fondant before bringing proceedings to a halt, and suspect Jimmy Webb has a poor alibi – he says he was on his stag do, and too pissed to carry out the attack. Continue reading

Review: Elementary (S3 E22/24), Tuesday 19th May, Sky Living



If there’s one thing Sherlock hates, it’s corporations. We don’t quite know why – maybe it’s just because Daddy owns one. But, in any case where a megacorp is involved, you can bet top execs twisted by greed will turn out to be the villains. No exception this week. Continue reading

Review: Gotham (S1 E21/22), Monday 18th May, Channel 5


gotham-555x312The thing about Gotham is that you can never quite tell who’s going to turn out to be a villain (well, unless you’re very well versed in Bat-lore, and maybe not even then). Okay, we know Selina Kyle has turned killer and taken the path towards becoming Catwoman; and Ed Nygma has finally flipped, slaughtered love-rival Dougherty, and started the spiral descent towards becoming Riddler; but who’da thought that Jim Gordon’s vapid girlfriend Barbara Keane would turn bad? Continue reading

Review: No Offence (S1 E2/8), Tuesday 12th May, Channel 4


No Offence

After a hugely enjoyable first episode and the introduction of some endearing, fearsome coppers, we were onto the second story of this eight-part, Paul Abbott series. I’ve read some reviews around the place that suggest that No Offence doesn’t know what it is quite supposed to be – on the one hand there’s incendiary comedy, and on the other hand there’s some traditional procedural stuff. Some argue that it’s neither one thing nor the other – too light to be a crime drama; too dark to be a comedy. I would say that at the moment the balance is just about right, and it’s precisely because of the dark humour that marks out the show as something refreshing, certainly in a procedural genre that sometimes disappears up its own behind. Let’s see how episode two goes. Continue reading

Review: Elementary (S3 E20), Tuesday 5th May, Sky Living



Last week the plot centred on Captain Gregson’s daughter Hannah, and showed that promising individuals don’t always perform as expected. This week seems set on proving that the opposite can also be true. It’s also quite the most brutal episode of Elementary yet, so hang on to your lunch.  Continue reading