Review: Gotham (S1 E19/22), Monday 4th May, Channel 5


Fish Mooney has quickly established herself as the queen bee in Dr Dulmacher’s sinister facility, but escape seems no closer; the icy waters surrounding the island and the heavily-armed Catchers see to that. Still, the yacht and the helicopter seem attractive possibilities, and Fish lays her plans. First she recruits some heavies – we assume, as cannon-fodder – and readies her ally Kelly. 

Fish gets the boat keys from Dulmacher’s office and leads a breakout, using the heavies as distractions – they go for the boat, and get gunned down. Fish and her allies go for the helicopter, which she can fly. She takes a bullet during the escape, but leaves Dulmacher beaten. though not dead.

Meanwhile, Jim Gordon has been questioning Bruce Wayne about the stabbing of Alfred, but can’t get any more out of him; Alfred and Bruce want to sort out the matter for themselves, and suspecting that the Wayne Corporation is behind the attack just makes them more determined. Alfred’s still too ill to move though, so Bruce gets himself into the city (we don’t see how – is there a bus running past Wayne Manor?) and hooks up with Selina Kyle. She explains to him that a ‘shooting gallery’ is not the same as a gun range, and helps him find the drugged–up Payne.

The dynamic duo get the name of Wayne Corporation board member Bunderslaw out of Payne, but when he threatens to expose them, Selina tips Payne out of a window to his death. Selina’s a wild child, but this is the first time we know of that she’s killed someone; her descent into villainy starts here. Bruce disapproves but isn’t in a position to complain, and the two plan to break into Bunderslaw’s safe.

Penguin is planning an attack on Don Maroni, and inveigles his way into a family restaurant by having the unwanted suitor of the patron’s daughter mutilated.

Back at the precinct, Jim seems pretty smug about being nominated as President of the Policemen’s Union, and the veneration that brings from a junior beat cop. But the viewer would do well to be suspicious of this seemingly clean-cut uni – remember Magnum Force, where the motorbike cops turned out to be the vigilantes?

The uni brings Jim the case a murdered girl, Grace Fairchild, who has been missing for four months before being found dead. The case hasn’t been investigated properly, and righteous Jim is hooked.

Jim and Bullock check speakeasy bars in the South Village and get a description of a possible perp, who we see in flashback seducing, capturing, torturing and murdering Grace Fairchild. He’s clearly loopy – he has a torture chamber straight out of Fifty Shades of Gray – but why? Rediscovered evidence reveals that he’s The Ogre, a serial killer who targets the family of any cop who gets near to him. Jim’s been handed a poisoned chalice with this case, and realises that Commissioner Loeb is behind it – so the gloves are off.

We’re happy to see Fish out of her dungeon, as she can now return to Gotham City and start interacting with the other major characters again; but the escape was rather anti-climactic, and it defies credibility that Fish would have left Dr Dulmacher alive.

As for The Ogre, he’s clearly going to become a major threat to Gordon, and to either Barbara or Lee; will Jim be forced into an impossible choice between protecting one or the other? Loeb will become even more dangerous when cornered, and Penguin is clearly going to set off some fireworks if his plans for Don Maroni go forward. The next couple of episodes look like being a real roller-coaster.

Chris Jenkins


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