Review: Safe House (S1 E3/4), Monday 4th May, ITV

Safe_HouseWe’re entering the last two episodes of this four-part thriller, and things have started to percolate a bit since its disappointing first episode. Which is great, but I can’t help thinking that because of the pedigree both in front and behind the camera this should be much better. It’s like going to your favourite restaurant, ordering your favourite meal cooked by your favourite chef and getting a Big Mac served to you. 

The second episode explored the two families central to the piece – hosts Robert and Katy, and those under their protection, David, Ali and their brood. Both wanted what each other had – Robert and Katy the family unit, David and Ali the seeming togetherness of their hosts – and these seeds of envy developed into schisms.

Away from the developing family dramas, it was Robert’s dealing with Susan Reynolds that crept to the fore. He was starting to remember more about the night she was murdered in his protective custody, and the flashback suggested that there was a physical relationship between the two. His best friend and ex-colleague Mark knew, but what would happen when Katy found out?

For the first part of this episode David and Ali dealt with the fall-out from her sister’s murder, but there was also news from elsewhere – Eddie Reynolds, imprisoned for the murder of his wife Susan, had launched an appeal because of withheld evidence. The being some CCTV footage from inside the truck café showing Robert and Susan share a kiss. Mark, looking shiftier by the minute, decided that not telling Robert was the best way to go. He did, however, tell Katy in a secret meeting, which implied there was more of a history between these two than first thought. But then he did show Robert. And then Robert went to the same truck stop where Susan was shot. And then he realised that someone on the inside must have tipped off Eddie Reynolds as to where he and Susan were that night. And then Mark telephoned Katy and told her that he would be there for her, always.

It’s looking like Mark, Robert’s best mate and the man who set him up with the safe house, is the man on the inside and is continuing to turn the psychological screw. Was he slowly drip-feeding information back into Robert’s consciousness to mess with him? If so, why? Was it because he was in love with Katy?

There was another revelation – David and Ali’s son, Joe, was revealed to be her sister’s child. This moment between David and Ali came to a head after Robert under-handedly took a DNA sample from Joe because of a hunch he had about the boy. It was proved correct, but the downside was the Ali found out about the DNA test, went berserk and made for her and Joe to leave the house. Like David before him when he tried to leave, Robert was there skulking in the woods, ready to talk them out of leaving. Honestly, if Robert ever fancies a career in counselling he’s got a chance to be a good one – every time he talks to someone he manages to help sort their lives out (another slightly ridiculous element to the series).

But let’s not forget Michael Collersdale, who had murdered Ali’s sister in last week’s episode. So where was he now? Making his way up to the Lake District to zero in on his prey.

As the final episode looms into view, it bubbled along nicely without making you eat your own arms out of tension. Let’s see if Mark really is the bad boy of the piece next week.

Paul Hirons

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