Megan Abbott Adapting Dare Me For HBO


It’s all kicking off in Megan Abbott’s world at the moment. The brilliant crime and thriller writer is already at work writing a screenplay for her most recent novel, The Fever, for MTV (read our story here), and in that story I waxed lyrical about her skills – she’s surely one of the best contemporary thriller writers out there, imbuing her stories with clipped rhythms and constant, electrifying tension. And now she has another project to announce – she’s working with HBO to adapt her last-but-one novel, Dare Me, into a TV series. 

Publishers’ Weekly reports:

Abbott, who will be writing the pilot episode for the series, inked the deal with Peter Berg’s production shingle Film 44 (Friday Night Lights) and producer Karen Rosenfelt (The Devil Wears Prada).

This is hugely exciting, because Dare Me is right up there with some of Abbott’s best work (and that’s saying something). And it’s interesting to me that Film 44 was responsible for Friday Night Lights (a sports drama set in a US high school), and producer Karen Rosenfelt worked on a story that involved arch manipulation.

This is how Abbott’s own website says about Dare Me:

Addy Hanlon and Beth Cassidy are the varsity cheerleaders all the other girls fear and admire, the unchallenged rulers of their high school kingdom. But everything changes when the new coach arrives. Cool and commanding, Coach French seems perfect in every way, a charismatic presence who overturns the girls’ established pecking order and still manages to gain their fierce allegiance in the process.

Then a shocking event upends their fragile peace, and a police investigation begins circling in on the coach and her squad. As the girls’s season moves towards its highly anticipated finale, Addy and Beth are forced to ask where their loyalties lie as they stakes grow higher, and more dangerous.

It’s extremely intense, shocking in places, extremely well written and plotted. If the TV series is half as good it’ll be a success.


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