Review: Gotham (S1 E20/22), Monday 11th May, Channel 5

milo-ventimiglia-01-800What with Fish Mooney escaping from The Island of Dr Dulmacher, Bruce Wayne pressing ahead with plans to expose Waynecorp, and Penguin planning the assassination of Don Maroni, events in Gotham are coming to a head – but for Jim Gordon, the real and imminent threat is The Ogre, the serial sex-killer whose signature is that he targets cops’ loved ones.   

Of course, Jim’s love life being what it is, The Ogre has made the understandable mistake of seducing Barbara Keane, not knowing that her relationship with Gordon is over. But of course, Jim is still distraught, and new squeeze Lee Thompson is understanding of his concern.

We’ve never been quite clear what it is Barbara does for a living – turns out she works in an art gallery called Fledermaus (‘bat’ – geddit?) – and The Ogre tracks her down at an opening. While he goads Gordon and starts to see the real, twisted Barbara, Gordon is moving closer to finding The Ogre’s true identity, tracing his first victim to a plastic surgery.

Bruce persuades Selina to help him copy Bunderslaw’s safe key and break into his office, so Selina (who is crashing at Barbara’s) gets dolled up for a charity ball. For some reason her outfit looks like a badly-folded tablecloth, while Barbara looks a knockout, with legs up to her ears.

Ed Nygma discovers that Officer Doherty has been brutalizing Ms Kringle, confronts him outside her apartment, and stabs him to death; it’s been a long time coming, but old Ed has finally gone tonto. There’s no turning back now – the only question is whether he can conceal the murder and get on track with Ms Kringle. 

Penguin’s plans to kill Don Maroni are advanced when the Don cosies up to Penguin’s old Mum. Penguin kills a messenger and puts in place a course of events which will set off the gang war we’ve been anticipating. 

Jim solves the puzzle of The Ogre’s identity; he was the hideously disfigured son of a butler, who when rejected by his patron, murdered her, stole her money, and got plastic surgery. The dad reveals the story after trying to hang himself, but can’t help locate his son.

At the charity ball, Bruce and Selina argue over the killing of Payne; Bruce says that killing is a line he will never cross, Selina that she doesn’t regret it a bit, and that this is the difference between them; Bruce gives her a Significant Look. Nevertheless the duo steal and copy Bunderslaw’s key.

Meanwhile the Ogre renews his acquaintance with Barbara; this time, she goes back to his place, and we know what happens there – kinky S&M sessions followed by murder. When introduced to the Ogre’s sex chamber, Barbara looks quite keen – at this stage, of course, she doesn’t know what he has in store for her.

Though this episode has tantalised us by not advancing the story of Fish Mooney, in every other strand it’s screwed up the tension to bursting point – next week is surely going to be absolutely explosive.

Chris Jenkins

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