Trailer: Minority Report, Fox



A while back we reported that US network Fox was adapting a TV version of Steven Spielberg’s hit sci-fi crime caper, Minority Report, for the small screen. Fox has had a bit of a recent history with futuristic crime dramas – it recently played out the enjoyable but short-lived series Almost Human – and this one looks set to follow this mini-trend. Minority Report, the TV series, will air in the US in this autumn, and then UK viewers wait for news if and when it’ll picked up on this side of the pond (it will, somewhere). More details and a trailer after the jump.

Conclusions? The trailer suggests that there will be a crime per week, but an underlying story arc that travels through the series.

Fox’s adaptation also looks to develop the idea and focus more on the “precogs,” who can more or less see the future, to help stop crimes before they’re committed and we saw in the movie.

From what I’ve read, the series will take place many years after the film, when the law enforcement unit using precogs has been dismantled. It focuses on a remaining precog, still receiving flashes from the future, who pairs up with a detective to secretly prevent the crimes he predicts.

Looks interesting, although not as dark and interesting as the movie. But they do retain those swipey things, which is marvellous news.



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