Review: Elementary (S3 E20), Tuesday 5th May, Sky Living


Last week the plot centred on Captain Gregson’s daughter Hannah, and showed that promising individuals don’t always perform as expected. This week seems set on proving that the opposite can also be true. It’s also quite the most brutal episode of Elementary yet, so hang on to your lunch. 

One of Sherlock’s occasional confidantes is Alfonso, his sponsor at his addiction support group. Alfonso is a reformed drug addict and car thief, who now makes a living as a consultant to car security companies, and who often brings Sherlock his most challenging puzzles.

When Sherlock detects an intruder at a meeting, he assumes that he is the target of surveillance, but it turns out that it’s Alfonso. Alfonso has fallen out with a client, and has taken to stealing and dumping cars fitted with their security system, just to humiliate them.

Sherlock offers to help but Alfonso is hostile, claiming that their relationship as sponsor and addict precludes the two being friends. Well, that’s clearly B.S. – it didn’t apply to Sherlock and Joan, so why would it here? But it takes cuddly old Sherlock to make a move; he tricks Alfonso into a well-observed journey across the city, and, having established an alibi for him, goes out himself and fills a whole parking bay with stolen cars.

So Alfonso’s off the hook, but Sherlock sacks him as a sponsor, so he can now be officially counted as a friend, a sort of Sherlock Homie (groan…)

So we’ve established that the least promising individuals can turn out well, but in the main story, practically everyone turns out to be a villain.

When a young woman collapses, she’s kidnapped from an ambulance, and two medics shot. The woman is eventually found, eviscerated, and the gunman tracked down from his ammunition; but who gutted the woman, and why?

The villain of the piece turns out to be a dentist who has plotted with a South American doctor to implant bags of drugs into gastric band patients, use them to unknowingly smuggle the drugs, then kill them to retrieve the drugs. Somewhere along the line, two other corpses are discovered, a Serbian drug lord is murdered, and the dentist has his fingers cut off by the Triads.    

We never get much explanation of why the dentist was so desperate for money, or why he bothered stitching up his victims so neatly. That’s dentists for you, we guess.

So the humanization of Sherlock continues, and his circle of friends widens. As this is written, it’s uncertain whether Elementary has been renewed for a second season; so can we anticipate a cliffhanger season ending, with the possibility of some cast changes to come?

Chris Jenkins

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