Review: Elementary (S3 E22/24), Tuesday 19th May, Sky Living


If there’s one thing Sherlock hates, it’s corporations. We don’t quite know why – maybe it’s just because Daddy owns one. But, in any case where a megacorp is involved, you can bet top execs twisted by greed will turn out to be the villains. No exception this week.

After a rather pointless aside in which Sherlock tries to determine the authenticity or otherwise of a hockey trophy he bought on the dark web (presumably for lots of money), we get to the nitty-gritty. Two ‘youts’ find a man dying on a subway platform. The stabee is a judge, and the weapon a screwdriver. His mistress is a suspect, but prints on the screwdriver lead to an escaped criminal with a grudge. But Sherlock can’t figure out how she escaped from jail – did she have help?

It doesn’t look like the escapee’s sleazy lawyer was complicit, but as it turns out, there’s a more plausible suspect, a bent warder who turns up dead. He previously worked for a rival jail megacorp, and as it turns out, has killed the prisoner, hidden the body (which turns up in a dumpster), and provided the conveniently fingerprinted murder weapon. Both he and the judge were then killed by an exec for the rival jail corporation, just to discredit the escapee’s prison, and get the county’s upcoming new penitentiary contract.

Meanwhile, Detective Bell is about to score with a fetching lady cop Detective Scott, when they’re both called to the scene of the original stabbing. Of course Sherlock figures that they’re in a relationship, and tells Joan that he knows the lady cop is working undercover for Internal Affairs. Is she investigating Marcus, or just deceiving him?

Joan, rather imprudently, tells Bell, who dumps the girl. Sherlock then worries about whether he’s forcing his own isolation onto the people around him, and encourages Marcus to try to mend fences. Too late – Scott gives him the bum’s rush, and quite right too.

We end with a rather unlikely variation on Two Guys One Cup, as the disconsolate Bell and Sherlock compete to flick playing cards into the gigantic, and still unauthenticated, hockey trophy.

We’ll overlook the unlikelihood of a balding, paunchy executive slaughtering two people and having a third killed just to win a contract, when it would have been easier to bribe someone. More unlikely is the idea that Bell would settle for an evening with Sherlock as some consolation for his heartbreak.

It’s nice that Sherlock is making friends, but he does seem to be screwing up their lives as part of the deal.

Chris Jenkins

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