INterview: Trevor Eve, The Interceptor



We’re used to seeing Trevor Eve in crime dramas (Shoestring, Waking The Dead) and he pops up in the BBC’s new eight-part high concept crime thriller The Interceptor, but this time on the other side of the law. He plays ruthless criminal Roach, Ash’s (the leader of crime busting gang, UNIT) ultimate target. It all adds up to faced-paced, daft and slick fun. Let’s see what Trevor has to say about it all…

The Killing Times: Who is Roach?
Trevor Eve:
Roach is a very respectable man in the community. He plays golf, he runs a lucrative scaffolding business and he’s a complete crook. He has a good work force though and that’s his front. However, I don’t think he’s arrogant. It’s probably a slightly misguided belief that he’s going to be alright. He’s not a man who really deals in fear and nerves and as he’s so well embedded in his legitimate world with his golf and his charity work, he’s someone who sleeps easy.

TKT: What does Roach want to achieve?
He wants to change the way he operates in his underworld life. Instead of being the recipient of drugs from a port and having to pay a middle man, he wants to take over the whole operation. He wants to get it from source, put it on a container ship, bring it over and be in total control and make the big £100 million kill in one go.

TKT: What do you think motivates him?
I think it’s power, greed and wanting to control his entire community and environment. If you don’t have a moral compass then you don’t need to stop at doing things that are legitimate because you don’t have the boundaries that other people have. I don’t think Roach went to the trouble of creating the front so that he could carry on illicit practices though. He took his legitimate business as far as he could and then realised how he could make a lot more money. It’s greed and the fact that he could get away with it. There was nobody really clever enough to track him down or catch him.

TKT: How have you found playing Roach?
What I’ve enjoyed about playing Roach is being at the other side of the spectrum – the law is chasing me as opposed to the other way around for the first time in nine years! Tony Saint has written a very intriguing character in that he always wanted Roach to be the kind of person you could pass in the street, someone who blended into the world that we all live in as opposed to someone who stood out as a villain. That fact that this is supposedly a respectable member of the community who runs a charity when actually he’s feeding drugs to London, has been really interesting to play.

TKT: How would you say The Interceptor differs from other crime shows?
It’s a crime genre piece that’s looking to redefine the genre whilst attempting to recreate Seventies crime drama in the early Coppola period. It’s an eight-hour continuing story with stories of the week that are resolved but it has a narrative arc that stretches over the series with characters that you get to love and hate within it. I think it’s a great way to do it because you don’t get the cut off. As long as you like the guys in one way or another, you get to stick with them and go through their journey, which I think is a brilliant format.

TKT: What attracted you to The Interceptor?
What I like about it is its ambition. It’s ambitious from a production point of view and from a story-telling point of view in that Tony Saint has written this hugely engaging and complicated eight-hour story. It’s an ambitious project and everyone’s pulled out the stops.

The Interceptor: Wednesday 10th June, 9pm, BBC1


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