Review: The Interceptor (S1 E3/8), Wednesday 24th June 24, BBC1


The_Interceptor[1]The everyday story of Central London drug-smuggling folk continues apace, drawing in every creed, race and colour with its tentacles. This week’s fall guys are (tick another ethnic minority box) a corner shop-owning South Asian family of spotless repute who fall into the clutches of the central criminal conspiracy being tracked by the Unit – a team of supercops who converse entirely in pre-digested exposition. Continue reading


Review: Hannibal (S3 E3/13), Wednesday 24th June, Sky Living

We’re reeling from the news that Hannibal has been cancelled by NBC – apparently the last episode will air in the US on September 3rd, which at least implies that season three will reach the end of its 13-episode run. Speculation is that the axe has been wielded due to falling ratings, along with licensing difficulties regarding the Clarice Starling character, due to appear in season four. The hope is that a streaming service such as Amazon or Netflix might pick up the series, which is certainly at the height of its creative powers; it certainly couldn’t be brought to a satisfactory end in any other way

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