Review: Jordskott (S1 E4/10), Wednesday 1st July, ITV Encore

We’ve almost reached the halfway stage of this frankly daft Swedish supernatural crime series and after this episode I genuinely don’t have a clue what’s going on. One of the reasons why I’m sticking with it is that there is a crime still to be solved and, so far, it has been nicely paced and plotted….

Celebrating our 500th post… we’re hiring!

On the 13th February 2014 I wrote the first ever post for The Killing Times. I’d attended crime fiction festivals for a few years before but I’d also developed a fascination with crime drama, too. So I decided I wanted to do a blog that fused these two interests together and, frankly, allow me to…

Review: Hannibal (S3 E4/13), Wednesday 1st July, Sky Living

Hannibal’s victims – if they survive the experience – seem to like to form cosy little clubs, in which the main topic of conversation is, well, Hannibal. Will Graham, Crawford and Pazzi form one little club; and this week, Bloom and Verger get to set up their own local chapter.

Review: The Interceptor (S1 E4/8), Wednesday 1st July, BBC1

We are half way through The Interceptors’ increasingly weary war against drugs and this episode found me reaching for my class C benzodiazepines for some blessed relief. It begins with Ash (OT Fagbenle) and the rest of Unit trailing after Forsberg “the Viking” (Ooh, is it suddenly about to go all Nordic cool on us?…