Celebrating our 500th post… we’re hiring!


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On the 13th February 2014 I wrote the first ever post for The Killing Times. I’d attended crime fiction festivals for a few years before but I’d also developed a fascination with crime drama, too. So I decided I wanted to do a blog that fused these two interests together and, frankly, allow me to indulge my interests and write long, pretentious reviews of crime drama, of which there was (and still is) a lot of about. So that’s how the The Killing Times was born, and now, this is the site’s 500th post. Hurrah! 

I write for a living but never in such detail about things and I missed that level of analysis. I was craving digging into things in a lot more detail. I’ve always been fascinated by people, what makes them do what they do and it always seemed to me that the crime genre – whether in crime fiction or crime drama – allowed writers and actors to portray people on the edge and those that are plunged into extreme situations. When people are in this state of mind, that’s where the fun often begins.

So that’s how The Killing Times was born – one crime drama fan indulging his interests. Five hundred posts down the line and the site has grown nicely in the year or so since that post on a new US/Swedish crossover series starring Dominic Monaghan and Michael Nyqvist. We’re now getting over 500 hits a day, and the site is known within the industry, which is hugely gratifying.

Thanks to all the readers and members of the TV and crime fiction communities who have helped and supported the site since its inception – it’s so cool to know people actually read your stuff but also rate what you say, too.

I’ve done some great interviews with actors and writers I admire hugely in the past year, and have watched some seriously great TV. I don’t have time to watch it all, so I asked Chris and Deborah to contribute and they’ve been a huge help.

What next? I’d like the site to grow even further, but to do that I need more help.

So… I’m ‘hiring’. Do you love crime drama? Do you like to try and explain what makes a crime drama a good crime drama? Do you like to spot themes and look at how characters and storylines are developed? Can you take an analytical approach to plot? Do you love watching and writing? Can you come up with ideas for features?

We do good reviews and news stories but I’d love to start carrying more features. The 15 Best Crime Drama Locations, The 10 Best Crime Double Acts are just two I have in the pipeline. Ideally I’d like to put up one of these types of features a week.

If you’d like to help, get in touch!

Sadly, this is not a paid gig. This is a little something on the side; something you’d like to do as a hobby. I don’t get paid for doing this. This is purely for the love of it and enjoyment of watching, writing and getting your stuff out there.

If you’d like to contribute to The Killing Times, tweet me at @Son_Of_Ray.

Here’s to the next 500 posts!


4 thoughts on “Celebrating our 500th post… we’re hiring!

  1. wwendalynne

    Congratulations Paul et al on your milestone post! You folks are absolutely my de facto resource for the crime drama genre. I actually do not watch much of anything else since I too gravitate to and enjoy exploring the darker side of humanity. When time permits, I go on the odd rainy day marathon session of Netflix and grab weird ass subtitled euro films because World War II hasn’t been done enough for me quite yet (told ya I like it dark) and happy every after is bloody boring. Keep up the great work! I will keep on reading…


    • Paul Hirons

      Thanks very much Wendy, it means a lot that people like you (smart, funny etc) like the blog. I really appreciate the support from you, and I really like looking out for your comments these days. Keep ’em coming!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Goff

    I enjoy your honest thoughts and its helped prevent me wasting time watching stuff I am sure I would be fed up with both the programmes and myself for watching. Quality TV seems to be stretched thin at times. Anyway, Thankyou. More, more more!


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