Review: True Detective (S2 E3/8), Monday 6th July, Sky Atlantic



The big question on everyone’s lips is (or at least was): did Ray Velcoro really die at the end of episode two? The very fact that we’re asking that question says a lot of about society and our inflated sense of self and even our attitudes to death (but that’s a separate discussion right there, to be had over an open bottle of something… but, yes, people do die!). Back to Velcoro. Surely he died. Surely. You don’t take a couple of shots from a rifle at point blank in the torso and survive. Or do you? Perhaps you do. OR DO YOU? Continue reading


Val McDermid’s Dead Clever now available on iPlayer


p02w4c9yRadio crime drama is something we’ve neglected a bit lately (quite a lot if I’m being honest), but when one pops up in the 15 Minute Drama slot on BBC Radio 4 that’s written by the ever-terrific Val McDermid, you have to sit up and take notice. The first episode of Dead Clever is now on the BBC iPlayer right now, with four more episodes to air during the week. Find out more after the jump. Continue reading