The Bridge teases mysterious unit photography from season three: could it be Martin Rodhe?


This is cruel. Very cruel. So, so very cruel. If you follow The Bridge on facebook (or Bron – Broen – The Bridge as it’s known on the page), you’ll know that it’s an excellent way to keep up to date with all things concerning the show. Especially now that the show has finished filming its third, eagerly anticipated series. There have been images from the shoot, some nice unit photography and some excellent teasery bits and pieces on the page, which makes it a must like. Check the photograph I’ve attached to this post that was uploaded yesterday. The question is: who is it?

The administrators for the page uploaded a photograph yesterday and left a VERY tantalising caption next to it.

It read: Does anyone want to guess who is standing in the dark?

Well, because the shape of the person in the photo seems to suggest a male form many of the dozens of commenters screamed one word: Martin!

Please be Martin, they implored.

If you’ve been living under a rock on a faraway planet for the past year, you’ll know that the beloved duo of Saga (Sofia Helin) and Martin (Kim Bodnia) that underpins the show is to be no more in the upcoming third series. Fans of the show were up in arms when it was revealed last March that Kim Bodnia would not be returning to the series, citing creative differences as the reason. We were all gutted – the dynamic between Saga and Martin is what set the show apart from other procedurals.

So it’s natural that any fan would scream ‘Martin!’ if they saw a dark shape in the shadows. But look at the photo closely – just judging by the body shape this cannot be Martin. He just hasn’t got the body shape that matches this shadowy figure. As per usual, there plenty of witticisms on the page from followers. If it is Martin he’s lost a lot of weight, one smirked; another said: He’s been working out since he’s been in prison!

More helpfully, another suggested it might be Jens, the killer that has tormented Martin since the first series. Now that would be interesting…

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  1. Duncan says:

    The figure is standing in front of a display that bears part of the name of the one of the main characters of the third season – an art dealer called Freddie Holst, played by Nicolas Bro.

    The lettering therefore reads:

    This picture was taken during filming of what is supposed to be an art exhibition. The person in the picture is too slim to be Bro and is likely to be a different member of the cast.


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      Thanks for the info Duncan!


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