BBC releases first ‘Victorian’ Sherlock trailer

_84167555_84167554[2]Anything Sherlock related is big news and there has been a flurry of activity within the confines of 221b Baker Street during the past few days, or San Diego’s Comic-Con to be precise. As fans of crime drama you must know by now that this Christmas episode (as Steven Moffat has confirmed it will be) will be set in the Victorian/Edwardian era. None of this modern 21st century nonsense – it’s all old school, complete with deerstalkers, pipes and excellent moustaches. Here’s the first trailer (more of a clip actually), and it looks marvellous.

Moffat said a few interesting things during his panel at Comic-Con. “One of the problems with the original, which we addressed in the modern series is that, for the most part, the women in the original Sherlock Holmes series don’t really speak very much. And there isn’t a Molly Hooper. We’d forgotten that we invented Molly.”

Yes, Molly is chatty and excellent as ever, but let’s leave her to one side for the moment (sorry Molly), I was more interested in what the characters really had to say. They were full of the kind of knowing, meta dialogue that this series has been become known for.

Listen to that exchange:

Molly: “I never say anything do I? According to you I just show people up the stairs and serve you breakfast.”
John: “Well, within the narrative, that is, broadly speaking, your function.”
Molly: “My what?!”
Sherlock: “Don’t feel singled out Mrs Hudson. I’m hardly in the dog one.”
John: “The dog one?”
Molly: “I’m your landlady, not a plot device.”
John: “Do you mean The Hound Of The Baskervilles?
Molly: “You make the room so drab and dingy.”
John: “Oh, blame it on the illustrator, he’s out of control. I’ve had to grow this moustache just so that people will recognise me.”

Fictional characters aware of their own fictional status, talking about their own fictional status. And complaining about it.

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