Crime drama at Comic-Con: Hannibal to return as movie? Gotham s2 to feature more of The Joker


GothamJoker1Comic-Con is now the biggest TV and movie convention in the world (I say that, but I don’t know for sure) but it seems everyone that matters has been in San Diego this weekend. Star Wars, Doctor Who, Sherlock… every single show or franchise that could even tenuously be called a cult hit had some sort of presence there. And because of that there has been, in among all the sci-fi and such, some nice little crime drama nuggets. Here they are… Continue reading


Aidan Turner to star in BBC adaptation of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None


WARNING: Embargoed for publication until: 24/02/2015 - Programme Name: Poldark - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. n/a) - Picture Shows:  Ross Poldark (AIDEN TURNER) - (C) Mammoth Screen - Photographer: Mike Hogan

I thought summer was supposed to be quiet in the crime drama genre, but last week proved that there’s no rest for the wicked. So much so I vowed to take a break from it all at the weekend. Bad move. Not only was Comic-Con in full swing, but a new piece of rather meaty Agatha Christie-related news was released into the world: we now have more details about the second BBC Christie adaptation and some cast news. And what cast news. Continue reading

Hannibal reveals first look at Richard Armitage’s Red Dragon at Comic-Con



As much as we’re ‘enjoying’ series three of Hannibal, there’s always that nagging feeling at the back of our minds that this will all soon be over in a matter of weeks. NBC’s decision to can the series was met with howls of derision from the show’s many fans but there’s still hope that it will secure carriage onĀ another portal or channel or whatever other means there are these days. And it better do, because the Hannibal team revealed a new extended trailer at San Diego’s Comic-Con over the weekend that could be the biggest shop window calling card ever seen. It featured British actor Richard Armitage as, wait for it… Red Dragon, due to come into this third series anytime soon. You have to see the trailer, more of a compilation of clips, after the jump. Continue reading