Crime drama at Comic-Con: Hannibal to return as movie? Gotham s2 to feature more of The Joker

GothamJoker1Comic-Con is now the biggest TV and movie convention in the world (I say that, but I don’t know for sure) but it seems everyone that matters has been in San Diego this weekend. Star Wars, Doctor Who, Sherlock… every single show or franchise that could even tenuously be called a cult hit had some sort of presence there. And because of that there has been, in among all the sci-fi and such, some nice little crime drama nuggets. Here they are…

1. Hannibal might return as a kickstarter movie
I’ve already put up a story about Hannibal today, but there’s always room for more.

This is Bryan Fuller (via Variety): “We’d like to continue with the show so the way this season ends, there may be an opportunity for a little break and then hopefully we’ll find a way to bring Mads [Mikkelsen] and Hugh [Dancy] back to you.

Netflix couldn’t do it because of the Amazon streaming. (Amazon holds streaming rights for the first three series.) Amazon would liked to have done it but they wanted to do it very quickly and I wanted to be able to get all the scripts in advance before we starting shooting…the schedule with their desire to put it on immediately was just impossible for us.”

Meanwhile, over at Digital Spy, there was a report that Executive Producer Martha DeLaurentis has been contacted by Kickstarter to help the Hannibal team fund a wrap-up movie:

“They’ve approached me – I just don’t know what model we’re looking at. It depends on whether we’re still entertaining television, or the timing with Bryan and the cast, so it’s all open – it’s not done.”

2. Series 2 of Gotham will feature more of The Joker
No real surprises here as the first series started the wheels turning of Batman character-evolution. Now, as Screenrant reports, Executive Producer Danny Cannon said at Comic-Con: “[Season 2 is] the rise of the villains as Gotham starts to decline into chaos. [The villains will arise] when people start to feel power within themselves and don’t feel the urge to answer to morality.”

A handful of new villains have already been confirmed to appear in season 2, including Clayface and Mad Hatter. Additionally, Jessica Lucas is set to appear as Tabitha Galavan a.k.a. Tigress while James Frain will play the character’s brother Theo. Plus, set photos that surfaced before Comic-Con teased the return of Cameron Monaghan as Jerome a.k.a. the Joker.

Along with new villains, we’ll also be seeing new heroes in season 2 according to Benjamin McKenzie: “As the villains rise, there’s an arms race, and the good guys have to increase their force as well.” On the side of the good guys, Bruce and Alfred will continue to explore Bruce’s father’s secrets as they build a more respectful and adult relationship.

3. Watch the whole of the Sherlock panel session, with Steven Moffat et al

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