Hannibal reveals first look at Richard Armitage’s Red Dragon at Comic-Con


As much as we’re ‘enjoying’ series three of Hannibal, there’s always that nagging feeling at the back of our minds that this will all soon be over in a matter of weeks. NBC’s decision to can the series was met with howls of derision from the show’s many fans but there’s still hope that it will secure carriage on another portal or channel or whatever other means there are these days. And it better do, because the Hannibal team revealed a new extended trailer at San Diego’s Comic-Con over the weekend that could be the biggest shop window calling card ever seen. It featured British actor Richard Armitage as, wait for it… Red Dragon, due to come into this third series anytime soon. You have to see the trailer, more of a compilation of clips, after the jump.

How’s that for a knuckle-cracking, muscle-flexing, flesh-eating trailer? Cor!

One word of warning: because this is all about stuff that hasn’t happened yet here in the UK, there are some serious spoilers ahead in this quote from Nerdist:

And that means we’re nearing the moment where — remember when I said spoilers before, kids? — Hannibal Lecter is caught and brought to justice(ish). But the Red Dragon portion of the season will come after a bit of a time jump in the storyline’s trajectory, reuniting the cannibal that started it all with his buddy Will Graham in order to catch Francis Dolarhyde, otherwise known as the Red Dragon. Bringing Richard Armitage (and by the looks of it, Zachary Quinto, as well) into the fold will no doubt up the tension, and finally resolve this weird semi-psychosexual, murder-y love story/bromance.

Looks like we’ll be tuning in like complete nutters for the next few weeks.

Now, will somebody PLEASE give this another series? If not we’re going to have a wip-round.

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