Review: Hannibal (S3 E6/13), Wednesday 15th July , Sky Living


HANNIBAL -- "Dolce" Episode 306 -- (Photo by: Ian Watson/NBC)

Hannibal, battered and bloodied after Crawford’s attack, has made his way home to Bedelia, who stitches him up; Will, battered and bloodied after being attacked by Chiyoh, has made his way to Florence, meeting Crawford as the eviscerated Pazzi is cut down. Why did neither attacker follow through and make the kill? – because only Hannibal or Will can kill each other, and their inevitable reunion is coming closer. We’re now into the part of the story originally covered in the novel Hannibal, though of course there are many changes in plot and character, not least the absence of the character Clarice Starling.

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Review: The Interceptor (S1 E6/8), Wednesday 15th July, BBC1


Programme Name: The Interceptor - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. 6) - Picture Shows:  Alex (RALF LITTLE) - (C) BBC - Photographer: Des Willie

We have discovered a way to make The Interceptor more bearable. Rather than think of it as a hard-hitting, grown-up drama series (come on, no one will ever swallow that), just view it as a live-action version of The Powerpuff Girls, but with less gravitas, obvs. Imagine that instead of central London, it is all set in Townsville, and Ash (O-T Fagbenle) and his pals from Unit are just more butch-looking versions of Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup – and their dad – sorry, boss – is Professor Utonium, masquerading as bad-tempered Cartwright (Ewan Stewart), and the violent undertones… well, you can probably see where we’re going with this, although this series isn’t as clever as The Powerpuff Girls, nor is it likely to win TV awards – as the kids’ show did.  Continue reading