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A word of warning: if you haven’t seen episode seven yet do not read this. There were some enormous reveals during the episode, which kicked the narrative along like a Roberto Carlos freekick. Which is to say that there was so much revealed in this episode we were catapulted into some sort of endgame, even with three more episodes after this one to go. You have to admire Jordskott for that – it may be daft, but it has the full strength of its convictions and doesn’t settle for anything less than surprise and throwing the rulebook out of the window. Stand by for a mammoth episode.

Eva Thörnblad was left for dead at the end of episode six, a bullet wound from a sniper ripping a hole in her abdomen.

Wass, who was on his way to the Thörnblad residence to chat to Eva about her role in the disappearance of Emma, ended up driving a foetal, near-death Eva in the back of his car, not to the hospital but to Yylva’s, where he administered some special humanimal medical attention.

When this didn’t work and Eva had slipped into unconsciousness and lost her pulse, he motioned to Yylva to fetch something – a ball of mossy sustenance, which Yylva planted in her mouth and massaged her throat until she swallowed it down. The crow-loving lady warned that there was no going back after that, and, when Eva came round, Wass told her that what they had given her was the same parasite that had been given to her father and Josefine., which also happened to be the same parasite that had killed her father and was slowly eating its way through Josefine. Cheers.

The only way to survive this was to nourish it, Wass told an angry Eva. Noting her rage, he also told her that this solid version of Essence Of Forest had saved her life and that the way to survive its hunger is to nourish it on a regular basis. Yylva, who along with Wass was a member of The Parasite Club, had seemed to set up an Essence Of Forest-style crack kitchen in her house, boiling up all kinds of things until the crucial black, gooey liquid had been distilled so she could dish it out to those that needed it.

So that was that. Wass and Yylva weren’t humanimals, but humans with a parasite living inside of them. Furthermore, a parasite that gave them heightened senses and linked them to the forest. A cool parasite.

Elsewhere, it was revealed that Nicklas had been the shooter, but we were never told why in this episode. After he had shot Eva and she had been taken away by Wass, the mentally disabled young man had sneaked into the Thörnblad house and taken the book that detailed the ways of the forest written by Eva’s ancestors.

And this was the crucial link, which was also explained to Eva by Yylva. There had been an agreement between the forest people and the Thörnblads that lasted 350 years. The people who lived in the forest signed this agreement to ensure that their home would remain untouched. Unfortunately, Eva’s father Johan – seduced by the forest’s natural minerals and potential riches – broke this agreement in 1978, when he instructed his company Thörnblad Cellulosa to use a toxin on the woods to clear them out. This merciless act killed all but one of the forest people. This survivor, a baby, was rescued by Yylva and brought up as one of her own, and instead of milk she fed him Essence Of Forest. This forest person was called Muns, and he had been responsible for the child abductions as a way to ensure that Gustaf and the new wave of Thörnblad Cellulosas did not tamper with the forest any further.

Elsewhere, the parents of the abducted children (and members of the Thörnblad board) had joined the resistance and had started to protest against the company razing the forest. It didn’t make much difference – ruthless Gustaf went ahead with the initial explosions.

Similarly to Eva, Tom Aronsson was almost mortally wounded at the end of the last episode. Once he had awoken from his near-coma he was having some scary flashbacks involving his attacker, the kinetic, Carrie-like Esmeralda. He wanted to know what had happened but Wass had stolen the interview video. The real Esmerelda, meanwhile, was hiding in school and survived a confrontation with Harry Storm.

As you can see, there was a lot going on in this episode and the reveal of some crucial information. This is actually unusual in TV series these days – they prefer to string us along with just enough drip-fed information to keep us interested but no more. But this? This was a wholesale reveal was just what we wanted and needed.

There are still some questions: what is the parasite, where does it come from and why have people taken it? Is it linked to Muns? Is Esmerelda a parasite-muncher? And with Nicklas now hiding Josefine in his barn, what is to be her fate?

It’s all bubbling up nicely.

Paul Hirons

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8 Comments Add yours

  1. Rachel says:

    Great review and yep, an amazing episode!
    More questions from me, having mulled it over: are all the taken children similarly parasited-up.? What is that thing in the bath? I’m not sure that Esmerelda isn’t Something Else unrelated to the parasite.
    And my impression was that the explosion was an accident, rather than a deliberate detonation. Or was it a deliberate ‘accident’ – there seemed to be lots of injured workers. And I may have imagined it, but didn’t the overhead shot of the explosion site mirror the marks on the bits of paper that Eva and co have been finding?
    Lastly, I love Emo Linus. Completely impassive, yet strangely practical.


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      Again, great points Rachel, thanks for posting! I have no idea how this is going to go but I’m looking forward to seeing Muns in the person.

      I also agree with you – I think Esmerelda is not a member of The Parasite Club. We’ll see!


    2. Tim says:

      Rachel, I also thought the overhead shot was reminiscent of the marks on the paper. Surely significant…

      Trying to work out who Muns is. Baby in 1978 would suggest late-30’s now. Tom??! Or is Niklas older than he looks?


  2. Rachel says:

    Chortling at “The Parasite Club”…
    I’m imaging cocktail umbrellas in martini glasses of Essence of Forest!

    More questions (or have I missed the explanation?) – the people with tails earlier in the series – were they Forest People too? Maybe survivors of the 1978 destruction? Yylva seemed to be in cahoots with them, although Wass needed to check for tails of the ones that got bumped off, so didn’t seem to be in the know.

    And was Esmerelda directly responsible for Tom’s hallucinations, or were they just connected to his injuries? Wondering if there’s some kind of psychic connection between them?


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      Yeah, I was wondering about Tom. Maybe he’s a strange one, too. Lots of questions remain!


    2. Paul Hirons says:

      PS. There really should have been a pop-up Jordskott-theme bar called The Paradise Club. I feel like they missed a trick there


  3. Tim says:

    I don’t know what it could possibly be, but is there any significance to the number of characters with names that start with ‘E’? Eva, Emma Eriksson, Ebbe, Eddie, Erland, Esmeralda…


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      That’s a good shout Tim – I wonder if all the E People are linked somehow. It’s great that this series keeps you guessing!


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