BBC confirms transmission date for last series of New Tricks

Programme Name: New Tricks - TX: n/a - Episode: New Tricks Series 12 - generics (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: Early release image Ted Case (LARRY LAMB), Steve McAndrew (DENIS LAWSON), DCI Sasha Miller (TAMZIN OUTHWAITE), Danny Griffin (NICHOLAS LYNDHURST) - (C) Headstrong Pictures - Photographer: Amanda SearleSay what you like about New Tricks (and plenty of people have), but you can’t deny that it’s an absolute ratings juggernaut, consistently pulling in over eight million UK viewers per episode. Like the lamentable Death In Paradise (sorry, not a fan), there’s something formulaic and comforting about the series, which in this age of complex, twisty-turny, dark dramas is no bad thing. It’s coming to the end of its run and now the BBC has announced the transmission date for its 12th and final series, and there seems to be plenty going on.

So Danny Griffin (Nicholas Lyndhurst), Steve McAndrew (Denis Lawson) and Gerry Standing (Dennis Waterman) are back, investigating the Met’s cold cases under the watchful eye of their boss DCI Sasha Miller (Tamzin Outhwaite).

We’re being told that the Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad ups the ante for a dramatic final 10 episodes. The team must put head over heart as one of their own is implemented in a case that spans three decades and shakes the police force to its core, while the very existence of UCOS also comes under threat.

Gerry becomes embroiled in a scandal that forces him to confront some skeletons in his closet, while Danny and Fiona (Tracey-Ann Oberman) take their relationship up a notch, Steve worries about his bank balance and everyone must pull together when Sasha is dealt a devastating blow.

The team is knocked sideways by the arrival of Ted Case (Larry Lamb): an old-school ex-copper who dives into his first case feet first, armed with only the gift of the gab and his trusty pocket lighter for good luck.From bodies in the basement to skeletons in the swimming pool, lottery syndicates gone fatally wrong to making sense of The Madhouse, the UCOS team must pull together more than ever to uncover the city’s long buried secrets and bring justice to the streets of London.

So when’s it all starting? Tuesday 4th August, 9pm, BBC1.


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  1. Brilliant! I’m a huge fan of this and delighted to read there is another series, although they better have BBC in my hotel in Marbella in August or someone will be getting a kicking! Nicholas Lyndhurst deserves much more recognition for his performances in this. Can’t wait.


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