Elizabeth Moss returns for season two of Top Of The Lake


Two-thousand-and-thirteen’s Top Of The Lake was one of the better crime dramas in recent years. Created and directed by Oscar-winning director Jane Campion, the series was shot in beautiful New Zealand and this landscape produced a sublime, complex and dream-like series. It starred Mad Men actress Elizabeth Moss as Detective Robin Griffin, an Australian police woman called in to investigate the disappearance of a pregnant 12-year-old girl. It also featured unforgettable performances from Holly Hunter, David Wenham and Peter Mullan. News has been floating around of a second series for a while now (see here for our original news story), but now we know that Moss will be returning for series two.

Indie Wire is reporting Moss will indeed return for series two, and that filming starts in December for a 2016 transmission.

Elisabeth Moss will reprise her role as Detective Robin Griffin, and this time around, she’ll be investigating a case in Harbour City, Hong Kong, with the trade also noting the new series will be “set and shot in Sydney.” So perhaps the Detective will be bouncing between locales? Jane Campion and Gerard Lee are back to write the scripts, and Campion will go behind the camera to co-direct as well, with another helmer to be named later (Garth Davis co-directed the first season).

It’s interesting that the location shifts from the stark, beautiful rural settings of New Zealand to the claustrophobic city-scape of Hong Kong. This could be a very different drama, although knowing Campion it will at least be considered and slowly-evolving.

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  1. wwendalynne says:

    This news deserves a girly high pitched squeal of delight. I picked up the first series on DVD import based on a recommendation from my hairdresser (he has this cool artsy fartsy innate good sense of what I might enjoy and proved his merit once again). I could seriously gush about Elizabeth Moss, so glorious in this role, but I was even more captivated and transfixed by Peter Mullan. Dude just manages to spit out these spine chilling dark and evil characters like Linda Blair let loose in a warehouse full of split pea soup. Still, despite these two very strong leads in the series, Jane Campion continues to kick ass on all levels and refreshingly writes the absolute best supporting female roles as well; ones I can actually relate to. She’s the type of writer that embraces women and while that may sound trite and cliche, my University gal pals would get my point here. There’s a certain type of women who uplifts other women through the body of their work or craft. For me, it is keenly felt and deeply inspirational. It is not many series that sees me so emotionally invested in the characters that I bawl like a baby. I did and I’m fessing to it and I look forward to doing it again.


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